Lorelei Ensemble

Mission Statement: Dedicated to the expansion of repertoire for women’s voices, Lorelei Ensemble works to expose lesser-known early music while collaborating with living composers to produce innovative programming that speaks to a wider audience.

Lorelei Ensemble Bio

Founded in 2007 by music director Beth Willer, Boston’s Lorelei Ensemble is dedicated to the performance of new and early music for women’s voices. In an effort to enrich this body of repertoire, Lorelei collaborates with established and emerging composers from the United States and abroad, while continuing to highlight standard and lesser-known repertoire of the Medieval, Renaissance and early-Baroque periods. Lorelei has hosted both private and public performances in the Boston area, collaborating with various composers, ensembles, guest artists, and organizations to bring innovative programming to a broader audience.

Consisting of eight professional singers from the Boston area, Lorelei performs both as a full ensemble of eight independent voices, and as a combination of smaller chamber ensembles (solo, duet, trio, quartet). Repertoire performed includes works for a cappella, accompanied, and amplified voices.

Beth Willer, Founder and Artistic Director

Sonja Tengblad, soprano

Margot Rood, soprano

Emily Culler, soprano

Clare McNamara, alto

Christina English, alto

Stephanie Kacoyanis, alto

Emily Marvosh, alto

Contact Lorelei at lorelei.ensemble@gmail.com


Concerts and Events


Friday, November 22, 7pm – Venue TBD
Inquire at Lorelei.Ensemble@gmail.com to request a ticket to this private event.



Saturday, November 23, 8pm – Marsh Chapel, Boston University
Sunday, November 24, 3pm – Venue TBD

Peter Gilbert:Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) (2013, World Premiere)
Tan Dun:Silk Road
Toru Takemitsu: Selections from Wind Horse
Selections from theTorino Codex
Chant by Kassia


live. know. love.

Friday, January 10, 8pm – Marsh Chapel, Boston University

Featuring works from Lorelei’s first commercially released CD

Works by Perotin from Magnus liber organi
World Premiere by Mary Montgomery Koppel
David Lang: i live in pain
David Lang: i want to live
David Lang: i lie
David Lang: this condition
David Lang: evening morning day
Steve Reich: Know what is above you



Friday, May 23, 8pm – Memorial Church, Harvard University
Saturday, May 24, 8pm –
Marsh Chapel, Boston University

Travis Alford: World Premiere, on texts from Hildegard von Bingen’s Scivias
Sungji Hong:Ficus enim non florebit (2013, World Premiere)
Oliver Caplan: Eve-Absinthe-Alice (2014, World Premiere, on texts by Ruth Kessler)
Yuri Yukechev:Gotóvo sértse moyó (My Heart is Ready)
Sofia Gubaidulina:Aus den Visionen der Hildegard von Bingen
Selections of Znamenny Chant

lorelei ensemble photo - formal