OUTlookpicOUTlook: The LGBTQ Life of Marsh Chapel

OUTlook is a faith based group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) students and allies at Boston University. We seek the equality and inclusion of all people in all areas of life, especially for LGBTQ folk, through the means of education, outreach, worship, community building. We also offer a safe space for the exploration of difficult and often times controversial topics and questions focused on sexuality and spirituality.

Part of our vision encourages LGBTQ people to live fully as they have been created by God without fear of discrimination or rejection. We are a group of people who view spirituality and sexuality as something to discover and embrace, not ignore or oppress. We promote healthy dialogue and debates, and leave no room for hatred or anger, as these emotions tear down instead of build up.

OUTlook is open to all, no matter your religious background or sexual identity.  We believe everyone has something to contribute to the conversation!

In order to create a stronger and safer community at Boston University, OUTlook hosts events such as:

  • An annual lecture series where topics of faith, the Bible, literature, gay marriage, legal issues and more have been discussed through an LGBTQ lens.
  • A Speaker Panel where varying views have been discussed and explored.
  • Peaceful protests of groups intending to discriminate against LGBTQ folk.
  • After Proposition 8 happened in California, OUTlook had a Positive Postcard campaign for LGBTQ youth centers across the nation.
  • Liz, the co-leader of the group, has joined forums with the Women’s Resource Center and workshops with the RAs of BU’s residencies.
  • Participation in the It Gets Better Project through BU Today. Watch Liz’s video!
  • Volunteering in the greater Boston area.

Where and When We Meet

OUTlook will meet every other Monday from 5:00pm-6:00pm in the basement of Marsh Chapel.  Following the meetings, feel free to join the Chapel’s FREE Community Dinner at 6:00pm.  Please contact Liz Douglass for more information on days and times.  Our discussions range from critiquing pop culture, to analyzing Scripture, to watching related movies.  If you have something you’d like to discuss or weighing on your mind, just let us know!  Any topic is always up for consideration, so feel free to let us know through email or in person.


It is the responsibility and expectation of all OUTlook members to maintain confidentiality. Confidentiality is one of the most direct ways to foster a trusting community, which is both what we are and what we continually strive to be. The things that you say in our circle will stay in our circle and will only be brought up again with your permission.  Also, anything sent to us in email will also be considered confidential, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This group is co-led by Chapel Associate Liz Douglass. Liz is also available for e-mail communication and one-on-one meetings; just send a message to (Liz).