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Virtues for Today

Virtues are those ethical standards which either drive us in our moral choices by operating as a grounding force or a goal to be obtained. We have virtues that are upheld by our societies and the cultures that surround us, but we also have virtues that develop out of our religious beliefs, specifically grounded in the Divine. In Christianity, the three theological virtues that are most often cited are Faith, Hope, and Charity/Love, as stated by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:13. While many of the Protestant traditions do not necessarily uphold these virtues as goals to be obtained (emphasizing justification by faith over an emphasis on works alone), these virtues still play an important part in guiding us in our interactions with each other in respect to our relationship with the divine.

If we hold Faith, Hope, and Charity/Love as constants for our lives as Christians, what other ideals would we consider to be virtues for today? In the spirit of the 21st century, this question was posed on Facebook to a community of theologically-minded friends. After receiving a good number of responses, all of which were adequate assessments of things we should strive to be and do in the world. Of the suggestions, three of the most popular were selected – humility, authenticity, and discernment.

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