Children’s Ministry

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  • A masterful piece of art produced by Ellis, reminding us of all the ways we can care for the Earth!

  • Lenten "Seeds of Peace" Series: Planting seeds of peace to grow a garden of righteousness

  • Seeds of Peace: Becoming peacemakers

  • Growing gardens of righteousness

  • Lenten "Seeds of Peace" Project: Ocean Conservancy

  • Radical Love: In response to GC19

Hello Marsh Families!

Every week at Marsh Chapel, we offer an exciting and educational children’s lesson, led by our Ministry Assistant for Children’s Education, Mahalia Damm.  This month, our Children’s Education series is “Seeds of Peace”. Inspired by James 3:18, this unit helps kids to explore how we can be “peacemakers who plant seeds of peace” everywhere we go.  In this spirit of planting seeds of peace, the children of Marsh Chapel are participating in a Lenten “conserving creation project,” collaborating with families to creatively work or sacrifice (eg: giving up a portion of allowance,) in service to others.  All funds raised by Marsh Kids throughout the Lenten season will be donated to Ocean Conservancy, a international organization working to keep oceans clean, healthy, and safe habitats for the creatures who call it home. For more information regarding Children’s Education at Marsh, please contact Mahalia at

“We all have an opportunity to do something that makes the world a better place from wherever we are.”–Emily Woglom, Executive Vice President, Ocean Conservancy

Mahalia Damm is our Ministry Assistant for Children’s Religious Education. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Spanish at Hope College, and is currently pursuing her M.Div at BU’s School of Theology. Here at Marsh she draws on her experiences in education, recreation, and inclusion to help children explore their relationship to God, each other, and themselves.