Space Use Fee

This fee includes reservation of the indoor Chapel space for your rehearsal and wedding. You are permitted to use the Plaza and Alpert Mall (BU Beach) for photos during your booking time. The fee also includes free parking for you and your guests on the day of your wedding; the use of the downstairs Thurman Room for the bridal party; and use of such liturgical supplies as a kneeler, cross, and candles, as requested. Other fees are outlined below.

This is determined by the couple’s affiliation to the University. Checks for the Space Use fee should be made payable to Marsh Chapel.

A deposit of at least 50% of the Chapel fee is required to reserve the date and time for the Main Chapel or Robinson Chapel.

You must provide a University ID number and send in proof (or you may have the appropriate office send proof) that you are a full-time student, alumni, faculty or staff before the Chapel can process your information and apply the appropriate affiliate discount. Full-time Students and Alumni may contact the Office of the University or Registrar at 617-353-2178. Faculty and Staff may contact the Office of Personnel (617-353-2380). Please remember that is your responsibility to provide the Chapel with the proper verification of your status.

Full-time Student
Alumni, Faculty or Staff
No University Affiliation


Wedding Director Fee

The fee for this required service is $250, payable before the rehearsal.

For more information about the Wedding Director’s responsibilities, please click here.

Principal Music Consultant Fee

The fee for this required service is $75 and is due at the same time as the Wedding Application. No wedding applications will be processed without receipt of this fee. Checks for the Music Consultation Fee should be made out to “Justin Thomas Blackwell.”

For more information about the responsibilities of the Principal Music Consultant, please click here.

Chapel Organist Fee

The Chapel Organist’s fee is $275. Checks for this fee should be made out to the Organist him/herself. This fee becomes due on the date of the wedding rehearsal and should be entrusted to the Wedding Director at that time, who will distribute payment to the Organist on the day of the wedding.

There will be a $50.00 fee for every fifteen-minute delay after the set start time (the time indicated on the wedding application).

For more information about the responsibilities of the Chapel Organist, please click here.

Clergy  Honorarium

The Clergy honorarium is $500, paid to the Dean or Chaplain, as appropriate.

For more information about the responsibilities and requests of the Clergy, please click here.

Cancellation Fee

In the event that you cancel your wedding reservation for any reason, a cancellation fee of $150 will be deducted from your fee refund.