In the News


There has been quite a bit of coverage of Marsh Chapel and its ministries in the news of late! Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we thought you might be interested to read about some of the things the press finds of interest about the goings on here. From coverage of the building itself to coverage of our chaplains and our ministries, there is much to celebrate in the life and work going on at Marsh Chapel.  For more news on Religion at Boston University, check out BU Today’s Religion section.

News highlights:

What Can the Gospels Teach Young Adults?

Methodist Bishop’s Gay Marriage Decision Cheers BU Church Leaders

Young adults lament lack of World Council of Churches representation

BU Continues to Reflect on Its Methodist Origins

Nottingham High School Wall of Fame Induction

Dean Hill is inducted into his high school wall of fame.

Marsh Takes Manhattan

Can Christians Play Well-With One Another?

Beauty and Anti-Semitism: The Gospel of John

BU Appoints First Chaplain for International Students


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