Athletic Director’s Council

The Athletic Director’s Council is an advisory body dedicated to supporting and advancing the mission of Boston University Athletics. Members of the AD Council participate in Athletic Department activities in a wide variety of ways.

Typically, council members will consult with and advise the Director of Athletics and athletic administration on specific projects, participate as members of initiative-based advisory boards, assist in fundraising and community relations, and generally promote the interests of Boston University Athletics.

Council Members

  • Jeffrey D. Arsenault (MET’85)
  • David S. Barlow
  • Douglas S. Bean (SMG’78)
  • Jack L. Belsito (SMG’82)
  • William D. Bloom (CGS’82, SMG’84)
  • Mary C. Buletza (SMG’80)
  • Lawrence C. Cancro (CAS’77)
  • John T. Grady, Jr. (CAS’72)
  • John A. Hupalo (CAS’82)
  • Max C. Justicz (CAS’90)
  • William Kamer (LAW’78)
  • Raymond L. Killian (SED’59)
  • Donald F. Law (CAS’68)
  • Charles R. Lax (SMG’82)
  • Sean McDonough
  • H. Courtney McLaughlin (SMG’83, GSM’84)
  • Alicia Mullen (CAS’83)
  • Mandy O’Donnell (COM’87)
  • Robert M. Paine (SMG’86, GSM’91)
  • Timothy P. Pettee (CAS’80)
  • Vincent Ryan (CAS’63)
  • Jay K. Twyman, Jr. (SMG’82)