Students with Current Disability Accommodations

Each semester you must distribute accommodation letters to your professors. It is your decision whether to utilize some or all of the accommodations outlined in the letter. Please remember, CGS cannot grant accommodations until you deliver your letters to and speak with your professors directly. To pick up these letters, or to reapply for accommodations, please go to the Office of Disability Services (ODS).

For questions and concerns regarding your CGS accommodations, please see:
Amy Fox, Administrative Coordinator
Student Services, Room 211

In-Class Accommodations

For instructions on how to utilize in-class accommodations, please speak directly with each of your professors. You are responsible for communicating your desire to utilize any of the in-class accommodations outlined in your accommodations letter.

Extended Time/Computer Exam Accommodations:

To utilize extended time and/or computer accommodations on team/midterm exams, please coordinate directly with each of your professors. You are responsible for communicating your desire to utilize these accommodations for each exam throughout the semester.

Be sure to plan ahead— professors are not required to grant extended time or computer exam accommodations if you do not request them at least one full week in advance.

Please note: Computer accommodations may only be utilized for exams with a significant writing demand. At your professor’s discretion, you may be asked to use: your personal computer, your professor’s computer, or a CGS provided laptop.

Distraction-Reduced/Solo Accommodations:

CGS Student Services provides a testing center in which students with distraction-reduced or solo exam accommodations may take their team/midterm exams. In order to utilize your distraction-reduced or solo exam accommodations and complete your exam in the testing center, you must fill out an Exam Accommodation Request Form for each exam throughout the semester. This form can be printed directly from this website, or can be picked up from Student Services, Room 211. This form requires a professor’s signature, in addition to your information.

Signed and completed accommodation forms must be turned in to Amy Fox (Student Services, Room 211) at least one full week before your scheduled exam date, or your accommodation will not be granted. No exceptions will be made.

If you have distraction-reduced/solo accommodations, but choose to utilize your extended time accommodation only, please refer to the “Extended Time/Computer Accommodations” procedure above.

Please note: If you choose to utilize a computer in addition to solo/distraction reduced environment accommodations for exams, you may only do so for exams with significant writing demand. CGS will provide a computer for your accommodated exam; use of personal computers is not permitted in the CGS testing center.

CGS Final Exams

You will receive an email from Amy Fox, Administrative Coordinator, regarding accommodations for CGS final exams. Please be sure to read the information thoroughly and ask if you have questions.

As a reminder, you are not required to utilize your accommodations. If you would like to take your exam(s) in the regularly scheduled time and classroom, you may do so.

Computer: Should you wish to utilize your computer accommodations only for CGS final exams, please be sure to coordinate directly with your professor.

Extended Time/Distraction-Reduced/Solo Accommodations: Should you wish to utilize your extended time, distraction-reduced, or solo environment accommodations for your CGS final exams, you must coordinate with Amy Fox in CGS Student Services, at least one week prior to your scheduled exam. You may be asked to complete an Exam Accommodation Request Form, available to print from this website or in Room 211. This form must be completed and signed by you and your professor.

Elective Exams: To utilize your exam accommodations for your elective, please speak directly with your professor.