Past Events

Center Events (September 2011 – Present)
Check back here for more details and fliers from past events as we continue to work on our archives!

January 2013
A Rabbinic View of Human Rights in Israel (Co-Sponsorship) (1/17)
Gender Neutral BU (GNBU) Town Hall (1/22)

December 2012
AnthroTalks: The Egg and the Sperm (Co-Sponsorship) (12/4)
Candlelight Gathering for Support After Bicyclist Killed (12/6)
EcoSwap (12/7)
Volunteer Appreciation (12/9)
First Gender Neutral BU (GNBU) Organizing Session (12/10)
Action to Demand Gender Neutral Housing (12/14)

November 2012
Women of Color Council (11/1)
Intersectionality of Oppressions: A Presentation by Breeze Harper (Co-Sponsorship) (11/1)
Gallery Opening (11/7)
Inga Muscio and the “Invisible War” Screening (11/8)
Volunteer Training (11/10)
Women of Color Council (11/29)

October 2012
Half the Sky Screening (Co-Sponsorship) (10/1, 10/2)
Elections: Our Voices, Our Votes (Co-Sponsorship) (10/3)
Gallery Opening (10/4)
“Day of the Girl” Gallery (10/9 – 10/14)
Activist Potluck (10/12)
March Against Rape Culture and Gender Inequality (10/13)
Presidential Debate Watching Party (Co-Sponsorship) (10/16)
“The War on Drugs is a War on People” (Co-Sponsorship) (10/18)
CGSA 4th Birthday Party (10/19)
Presidential Debate Watching Party (Co-Sponsorship) (10/22)
Drag Poetry Night (Co-Sponsorship) (10/26)

September 2012
Volunteer Training (9/15)
Women of Color Council (9/27)

April 2012
Women Rock (4/1)
Gender Fest: Workshop and Performance with Evan Greer (4/3)
Food Allergy and Intolerance Panel (4/3)
(Sex)abled: Disability Uncensored Screening and Discussion (4/5)

March 2012
What is Beauty? Photoshoot hosted by CGSA group Body Talk (3/2)
Howard Zinn “Voices of the People” Auditions (3/2)
Film Screening with Alianza Latina “Blossoms of Fire” (3/6)
CGSA Professional Development Retreat to Montreal, Canada (3/8-3/16)
“From the Back of the Room” Screening/Discussion (3/22)
Film Screening with Q “Paris is Burning” (3/23)
“Genital Mutilation” in the American Imagination (3/27)
“Feminist Defense of Friendship” talk by Lisa Wade (3/28)
Take Back the Night (3/30)

February 2012
Gallery Opening for Jessica Churchill & CGSA Open House
Activist Potluck
Gallery Opening: “Static Fictions”
The Center and Dean Elmore: Rape Culture at BU
Town Hall Meeting on Rape Culture at BU

December 2011
Why Can’t A Woman Be A Priest, Even When She Is One?
Handmade BU II: A Craft Fair!
Good Vibes Sex Toy Party
Priestess Series: Gallery Opening for Genevieve Wollenbecker
“Miss Representation” Screening
Evolution of Sex, Sexes, and Humans (Consciousness Raising)

November 2011
Who is Killing the Women of Juarez?
Tribute Performance to Yoko Ono’s “Cut Piece”
Change for Change for Afghan Women
The Path: Gallery Opening for Amber Vittoria
F to (e)Mbody
Book Club Discussion

October 2011
Play, Lady, Play: Concert with the Harriet E. Richards Cooperative House
Activist Potluck
Project: New Hope
Fat Talk with Sargent
Dean Elmore Comes to the WRC!
WRC Birthday Party
Consciousness Raising with Allies: Women in the Armed Services
Gallery Opening for Kristen Winner
Women Gender and Sexuality Studies Department presents: “Getting Ahead: Social Mobility, Public Housing, and Immigrant Networks”
Women Gender and Sexuality Studies Department presents: “Left on Pearl” Documentary

September 2011
“Newly Roomed Game”
Our Bodies Ourselves Event
Consciousness Raising: is the “Women’s Movement” Dead?