In The News

BU to establish campus sexual assault crisis center[Boston Globe, 5/1/2012]
BU Will Finally Create a Crisis Center, Fall 2012[Dig Boston, 5/1/2012]
New Crisis Center Planned for Fall[BU Today, 4/30/12]
Boston University Has a Sexual Assault Problem [Jezebel, 4/4/2012]
BU Daily Free Press publishes an issue of rape jokes for April Fools Day [The Boston Phoenix, 4/3/2012]
Time to Take Back the Night [BU Today, 3/30/2012]
BU Hockey Culture, or BU Culture? [Boston Magazine 3/5/2012]
BU Community Addresses Possible ‘Culture Of Rape’ On Campus [WBUR 2/28/2012]
Facebook Post Blasts BU Hotline Glitch [BU Today, 2/27/2012]
BU to Hold Town Meeting on Rape Culture [ABC Channel 5, 2/27/2012]
Talking About Sexual Assault on Campus [BU Today, 2/27/2012]
Debate at BU Extends to Safety [Boston Globe, 2/25/2012]
Our Responsibility to End Rape Culture [The Next Great Generation, 2/24/2012]
Rape Charges Spotlight Troubled BU Hockey Culture [Boston Herald 2/21/2012]
Two Assault Charges Make BU’s Hockey Team Look Pretty Bad [Jezebel, 2/20/2012]
A Home for Feminism and Activism at BU [BU College of General Studies Collegian, Fall 2011]
Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism Welcomes All [BU Today, 10/24/2012]

Student Publications

BU to Take Back the Night [BU Quad, 3/26/2012]
Union supports idea of Rape Crisis Center [Daily Free Press, 3/6/2012]
CGSA sets meeting with President Brown, Parker [Daily Free Press, 3/4/2012]
Student charged with assault after Mugar Library incident [Daily Free Press, 2/28/2012]
BU community examines rape culture, possible solutions for future prevention at town hall meeting [Daily Free Press, 2/28/2012]
Editorial: Harmful Harassment [Daily Free Press, 2/27/2012]
War on Women [Daily Free Press, 2/27/2012/]
Manhood & Rape Culture [BU Culture Shock 2/27/2012]
To the Women I Love [BU Culture Shock, 2/27/2012]
How Men Can Talk About Women’s Issues [BU Culture Shock 2/27/2012]
Today’s Response to Tomorrow’s Scandal [BU Quad, 2/27/2012]
Sucks to BU (Be Us) [2/24/2012]
Editorial: Tara Jayakar on the Task Force [BU Quad, 2/23/2012]
Boston University’s Failure to Provide Support for Victims of Sexual Assault [Viral Facebook note, 2/23/2012]
Fem Co: A Feminist Force to Be Reckoned With [BU Quad, 2/2/2012]
Big News at WRC Birthday [BU Quad, 10/24/2012]
Women’s Resource Center Reflects On Their 3rd Birthday [Dean of Students blog, 10/21/2011]
Life As A Professional Feminist [BU Quad, 2/11/2011]
FEMMY for the Boston University Women’s Resource Center [Feminist Majority Foundation Choices Campus blog, 5/7/2010]
Boston University’s Women’s Resource Center Opens Doors [Feminist Majority Foundation blog, 10/20/2008]