Take Back the Night March and Rally

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The Feminist Collective, a group that meets under the Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism at Boston University is hosting a Take Back the Night march and rally on Friday, March 30 at 7:00 PM at the BU Beach with support from the university. Take Back the Night is a sex-positive, anti-violence and sexual assault awareness campaign.

The goal of Take Back the Night is to empower students who have felt endangered by going out at night, especially survivors of sexual assault. The audience and participants will be comprised of all genders and from diverse populations of the BU community.

Students, administrators, faculty and community members will come together for a speak-out, rally and march through BU’s campus, ending in celebration back at the BU Beach with music and theater performances. The rally will include speeches by nationally Certified Sexuality Educator Megan Andelloux, an in-depth explanation of consent, what it means to be a bystander, and an emphasis on the importance of the entire BU community to ensure safety and support of peers and students. More

“Female Genital Mutilation” in the American Imagination: 3/27

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Tuesday, March 27th at 7:30PM in CAS 313 (725 Commonwealth Ave.)

There are two things most Americans know about “female genital mutilation” . . . that it happens in Africa, and that it is very very bad. In the context of stopping violence against women everywhere, Dr. Lisa Wade explores how Americans frame their opposition to “FGM” per…formed abroad and a logic full of loopholes for American genital cutting practices like cosmetic surgery. A must-see for those seeking an anti-colonial, transnational feminism and sociologists everywhere.

Co-sponsored by the Undergraduate Sociology Association and the Center for Gender Sexuality and Activism at Boston University!

Sign the Petition for a Rape Crisis Center at BU!

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Join the campaign! Add your voice to our online petition by clicking the link and writing a few sentences about why you support a rape crisis center at BU.

In light of recent events, the establishment of a rape crisis center at Boston University is fitting and necessary at the university. This center would include a physical space, paid employees for both counseling and preventive work, and a budget to do outreach on campus and education programming for both students and staff. A rape crisis center would help Boston University to better serve its students by providing them with tools to prevent and cope with sexual assault crises, and to lead the way in providing a safe and healthy environment for all members of the Boston University community.

It’s been made clear, through recent events as well as in the undercurrent of a culture that excuses attackers and makes many students feel unsafe both on and off campus, that this center is both a necessary and obvious step for Boston University to create. Outside an understaffed Behavioral Medicine department, we lack safe spaces for survivors of assault to seek help, counseling, referrals, and guidance. And, clearly, our prevention measures are not enough. We all want Boston University to be the safest learning and living environment for our students that it can be, and I believe that this center is a large part of achieving that goal.

As a member of this community who is concerned with the emotional and physical welfare of our students, support the creation of a rape crisis center on campus. And with the sending of this letter, I encourage the administration to support our students by providing this center with the resources to make Boston University a safer and more progressive atmosphere. Join the Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism at Boston University and support the establishment of a rape crisis center at Boston University.


Live Chat with Dean Elmore on Rape Culture

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Board members Elisa Gill, Lizzie Whetstone, Sarah Merriman, Ariana Katz, Michelle Weiser, and Sasha Goodfriend sit down with Dean of Students Kenn Elmore. An audience of students, faculty, alumni, staff, and allies joined in the conversation, which lasted half an hour. The Dean of Students Office has broadcasted 15 minutes of the chat.