How We Function

The Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism (CGSA) at Boston University is a student organization but we have the added privilege and responsibility of a physical space, located in the basement of the George Sherman Union.

We have a 11-person coordinating board that works with two faculty advisors, as well as a bunch of volunteers who help run our space and programming. We have weekly meetings which are open to all members of our community. At our meetings we make decisions based on a consensus model, including Coordinators as well as community members in discussion and action. We elect our coordinators each semester. If you are interested in running for the coordinating board, please reach out to a current coordinator. Each coordinator is responsible for their designated area, but everyone (including volunteers) participates heavily in our overall functioning and programming.


Leadership Board, Fall 2018

Brian Stanley, Internal Coordinator

Lindsay Child, External Coordinator

Kysha Johnson, Treasurer

Anna Baggett, Administrative Coordinator

Sam Wu, Health and Education Coordinator

Ethan Liu, Public Relations Coordinator

Cassie Kalman, Public Relations Coordinator

Sophia Walton, Events Coordinator

Kevin Cap, Events Coordinator

Faith Puleikis, Technology Coordinator

Andrea Smith, Technology Coordinator

Liliane Dusewoir, Faculty Adviser

Catherine Connell, Faculty Adviser