Boston-London Program–Class of 2023

Sample Pathway

Below is an example of a four-year plan of a College of General Studies student pursuing a degree in business administration. Students will work with their CGS academic advisors and the Questrom School of Business to plan their own pathway to a business administration degree.

Gap Semester Recommended external course: calculus (equivalent to CAS MA 121)* or introductory microeconomic analysis (equivalent to CAS EC 101). Follow the pre-approval process for transferring courses.
  Semester I Semester II
Freshman Year CGS RH 103
CGS SS 103 
CGS HU 103  
CAS MA 121* or CAS EC 101
CGS Required Courses (London semester)
Sophomore Year CGS NS 201
CGS HU 201  
QST SM 131**
QST SM 132** (2 cr)
CAS EC 102
CGS NS 202
CGS SS 202
QST AC 221** or CAS EC 102**
QST QM 221**
QST ES 215 (2cr)
Junior Year QST AC 222*** or QST AC 221**
QST QM 222**
QST OB 221**
QST ES 275**
QST SM 323 (4 Courses):

QST ES 310 (1cr)

Senior Year QST IS 223***
QST LA 245
QST AC 222 if not taken prior to CORE
QST Elective
QST SI 422
QST Elective
QST Elective
QST Elective

*Prerequisite to QST SM 132: Measuring Financial Value

**Prerequisite to QST SM 323: The Cross-Functional CORE

***Not a prerequisite to QST SM 323: The Cross-Functional CORE. (IS 223 is a prerequisite to the Management Information Systems Concentration).

****Prerequisite to most Questrom electives

College of General Studies Program Requirements

  • Two rhetoric courses: CGS RH 103 and CGS RH 104
    • CGS RH 104 is taken during the London semester
  • Two natural science courses: CGS NS 201 and CGS NS 202
  • Three social science courses:
    • CGS SS 104 is required and is taken during the London semester
    • Students select at least two additional SS courses and will work with their academic advisor to determine course selection
  • Three humanities courses:
    • CGS HU 104 is required and is taken during the London semester
    • Students select at least two additional HU courses and will work with their academic advisor to determine course selection

Note: The CGS required courses will cover Questrom liberal arts electives (5 courses), non-business electives (3 courses), and free electives (2 courses).

Major Requirements

Course Descriptions for Questrom School of Business courses can be found in the Boston University Undergraduate Bulletin. All courses with the exception of Microeconomics (CAS EC 101), Macroeconomics (CAS EC 102) and Mathematics must be taken in residence at the Questrom School of Business. Prior approval must be granted for all external coursework. Please note that external courses may not be used to fulfill BU Hub requirements.

Students who need additional guidance should consult Sally E. Ward, Assistant Director, Suite 104, 595 Commonwealth Avenue, 617-353-2650. Also, please visit the Undergraduate Academic & Career Development Center (UDC) website.

Continuation Requirements

  • Completion of CGS required courses and appropriate electives
  • Cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 2.00
  • A suite of courses in which a grade of C or better is required – CGS RH 104 (WR120), CAS MA 121 or CAS MA 123, CAS EC 101, CAS EC 102, QST SM 131 and QST SM 132, one course can be a C-.
    • If you do not earn a C (or C- in one of the courses) you may retake the course(s) one time.
  • Students will not be accepted for continuation with any incomplete grades (‘I’ grades) in academic courses on their transcript

Graduation Requirements

  • BU Hub requirements
    • Students continuing from CGS to Questrom will ordinarily, through coursework in CGS, fulfill the following Hub areas: First-Year Writing Seminar; Writing, Research and Inquiry; Critical Thinking; Philosophical Inquiry; Aesthetic Exploration; Historical Consciousness; Scientific Inquiry I; Scientific/Social Inquiry II; The Individual in Community; Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy (1 unit satisfied by CGS SS 104); Writing Intensive Course (1 unit satisfied by CGS SS 202). All other Hub areas will be satisfied through the required Questrom curriculum.
  • Questrom major requirements
    • Mathematics requirements: The Questrom curriculum assumes a mathematics background, which includes three to four years of high school/secondary school mathematics (pre-calculus/calculus recommended). Completion of CAS MA 121 or CAS MA 123 is required, unless one has AP or college credit for an equivalent calculus-based math course.
  • Minimum grade requirement
    • Students need a grade of C- or better for all required courses towards the degree. This is in addition to the grade requirement for the suite of courses required to continue to Questrom.


All Questrom students must complete at least one functional concentration. Functional concentrations present a deep exploration of a specific functional area in the study and practice of management. Students are required to declare a functional concentration by March 1st of their junior year.

Cross-Functional Concentration

Questrom students may choose to pursue a cross-functional concentration. Cross-functional concentration provides a breadth of exposure regarding a particular industrial sector or an area of business, through a cross-section of related courses from within Questrom and across the University.

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