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New Course Offering: The Irish in Boston

January 22nd, 2015 in News and Events, Of Special Interest.

CGS is excited to announce a new elective, The Irish in Boston, that will run as part the BU Summer Term. The Irish in Boston is the second elective for CGS to offer outside of its core curriculum, and will use the same successful interdisciplinary approach. Students can expect to explore... More

Coffman Releases Groundbreaking Book on Acclaimed Author William T. Vollmann

December 19th, 2014 in Arts and Literature, Faculty, News and Events, Spotlight.

CGS Humanities Lecturer Christopher Coffman's new book, William T. Vollmann: A Critical Companion, which was co-edited by Daniel Lukes, was released today, December 19. The book is a collection of twelve scholarly critical essays that argue Vollmann to be the most ambitious, productive, and important living author in the U.S. Jonathan Franzen, James... More

Personal Genome Project Asks Sophomores to Closely Examine Their Genetics

December 18th, 2014 in Natural Sciences, News and Events, Other, Spotlight, Students.

Eye color. Muscle performance. Height. We make note of these traits daily, yet don't think about the underlying genes from which they stem. Unless of course, you're a CGS sophomore taking biology with either Professor Andy Andres, Millard Baublitz or Peter Busher. Andres, Baublitz, and Busher, who all teach sophomore biology sections, collaborate... More

A Trip to Afghanistan’s Taliban Valley: A CGS Alumn’s Perspective

November 21st, 2014 in Alumni, News and Events, Of Special Interest, Spotlight.

Update since post publishing date: Trevithick recently released a book, An Undesirable Element: An Afghan Memoir, co-authored with book subject and relentless educator Sharif Fayez. The book recounts Fayez's upbringing in Afghanistan, bearing witness to turbulent events like the Communist invasion of 1979 and Iranian revolution of 1979, ultimately driving him out of the country. He becomes... More

Behavioral ecologist sheds light on altruism during the Stanley Stone Distringuished Lecture Series

November 10th, 2014 in News and Events, Of Special Interest, Spotlight.

The annual Stanley Stone Distinguished Lecture Series took place last week, drawing in a crowd of current BU students, faculty, local alumni, and members from the public for an engaging conversation around altruism. The lecture, titled "The Evolution of Goodness," was presented by Dr. Lee Dugatkin, a behavioral ecologist, evolutionary biologist and... More

Welcoming People with Disabilities at Universities: Dean Megan Sullivan’s POV

October 30th, 2014 in Faculty, News and Events, Of Special Interest, Spotlight.

BU Today featured an opinion piece written by College of General Studies Dean Megan Sullivan, focused on welcoming people with disabilities. While universities around the nation provide accommodations, Sullivan provokes the question on if universities truly welcome people with disabilities. She shares illustrative, relatable examples of how universities could better welcome this population, both... More

Capstone Award Ceremony celebrates Exemplerary Work of CGS ’14 Students

October 21st, 2014 in News and Events, Of Special Interest, Spotlight, Students.

This past weekend, CGS had the pleasure of not only greeting the parents of its current students, but also of seeing the parents of those who graduated from CGS this past May to continue onto junior year. Friday night, students from the CGS class of 2014 gathered with their proud... More

Interdisciplinary Baseball Course to Debut Spring 2015

October 3rd, 2014 in News and Events, Of Special Interest, Spotlight.

CGS is excited to announce that it will be offering a new, interdisciplinary elective this spring: The History, Literature, Film and Science of Baseball. Baseball occupies a special place in American society and memory. As the distinguished historian Geoffrey C. Ward once pointed out, the two hundred year-old national pastime is... More

Leavitt and Hallstein Awarded for Oustanding Work

September 26th, 2014 in Faculty, News and Events, Of Special Interest.

Last Friday, CGS announced the recipients of this year's annual faculty awards: Neal Leavitt and Lynn Hallstein. Leavitt was honored with the Dr. Ismail Sensel Award, which funded by the Estate of Dr. Ismael Sensel and is traditionally given to a faculty member who has had a particularly outstanding year in terms of... More

College Honors Distinguished Alumni and PR All-Star Peter Shankman

September 22nd, 2014 in News and Events, Of Special Interest, Other, Spotlight.

On September 19, CGS faculty and alumni gathered to recognize Peter Shankman (CGS '92, COM '94) in the Distinguished Alumni Award ceremony. Each year, the College recognizes an alumni for his or her outstanding professional success and continued involvement at CGS. Shankman not only meets, but exceeds, both criteria. A marketing and customer service futurist, Shankman... More