Kathleen Vandenberg

IMG_4431Senior Lecturer, Rhetoric


BA Biology, Belmont Abbey College
MA English Language and Literature, Winthrop University
PhD Rhetoric and Composition, The Catholic University of America

Teaching interests: Classical rhetoric, visual rhetoric, rhetoric of space/place, and the digital Revolution

Research interests: Urban design, visual rhetoric/advertising, interdisciplinary/experiential learning, style pedagogies, Joan Didion, and the essay

Selected publications:

“Joan Didion’s Memoirs: Substance & Style” Prose Studies: History, Theory, Criticism. (June 2017).

“The Impact of Postmodernism on Style’s Demise.” Rhetoric Review. (Winter 2017).

“The Center is Not Holding: Joan Didion and the California Dreamer.” The Dark California: Millennial Concerns in the Contemporary Pop-Cultural Readings of  California. Ed. Katarzyna Nowak-McNeice and Agata Zarzycka. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland Publishing:( Forthcoming, 2017). 1-10. Print. Co- author   Christopher Coffman

“Lessons for Creating an Interdisciplinary Program: Rhetoric Course Design.” Impact: The Journal of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning (Summer 2015).

Second Edition. “’Think Small’: 1960s Print Ads and the World of Mad Men.” Lucky Strikes and a Three-Martini Lunch: Thinking About Television’s Mad Men. Ed. Danielle M. Stern, Jimmie Manning, and Jennifer C. Dunn. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing: 2015. 192-209. Print.

“Revisiting Imitation Pedagogies in Composition Studies from a Girardian Perspective.” Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis and Culture (Spring 2011).

“Twentieth-Century American Advertising and the Sacred.” Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture (Fall 2010).

“Searching for the “New” on Newbury: The Transformation of Space and Self.” Queen: A Journal of Rhetoric and Power (Fall 2009).

Untitled review of The Language of Democracy: Political Rhetoric in the United States and Britain, 1790-1900 by Andrew W. Robertson, Rhetorical Review (February 2008).

Untitled review of Woodrow Wilson and the Lost World of the Oratorical Statesman by Robert Alexander Kraig, Rhetorical Review (Spring 2007).

“René Girard and the Rhetoric of Consumption.” Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis and Culture (Fall 2006).

“Sociological Propaganda: A Burkean and Girardian Analysis of Twentieth-Century American Advertising.” KB Journal 2 (Fall 2005).


“Testing Corbett, Crowley, and Christensen: In the Case of Imitation Pedagogy, is Classical Rhetoric for the Postmodern Student?” Engaging Practices: A UMass Boston Conference on the Teaching of Composition, University of Massachusetts Boston, MA, April 2016.

“The Self-Study Committee: Assessing Boston University’s College of General Studies Program   from the Inside Out,” Poster Presentation: AACU Conference: General Education and    Assessment: A Sea Change in Student Learning, Boston, March 2013.

“Making Rhetoric Relate: Using Visual Rhetoric in the Composition Classroom,” Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, Boston University, MA, February 2009

“Who Will Save Your Soul? The Rhetoric of Spirituality in Twentieth-Century American Advertising,” Popular Culture Association Conference, Boston, April 2007.

“Dramatism, Mimetic Desire and Sociological Propaganda,” International Society for the History of Rhetoric, Los Angeles, July 2005.

Service to the Profession:

Chair, Rhetoric Division Interdisciplinary Committee, College of General Studies, Boston University, Spring 2016

Faculty Council Representative (Alternate), College of General Studies, Boston University, Fall 2016-Present

Member, Communications Subcommittee, Faculty Council, Boston University, Fall 2016-17

Member, Rhetoric Division PAC Committee, College of General Studies, Boston University, Spring 2015

Editorial Board Member, IMPACT: Impact: The Journal of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning, College of General Studies, Boston University, Fall 2011-Present

Reader/Reviewer, Composition Studies, a peer-reviewed, bi-annual print journal in composition, Dec 2015-Jan 2016.

Associate Editor, Rhetorical Review: The Electronic Review of Books on the History of Rhetoric, 2008-2011