D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein


Associate Professor of RhetoricHallsteinprofilephoto


BA Speech Communication, University of Pittsburgh
MA Speech Communication, University of North Carolina
PhD Communication, Ohio State University

Teaching interests: Rhetoric, communication, and gender studies

Research interests: Rhetoric, cultural studies, feminist theory, and contemporary understandings of motherhood and mothering

Selected publications:


Bikini Ready Moms: Celebrity Profiles, Motherhood, and the Body. SUNY Press,  forthcoming 2015.

Academic Motherhood in a Post-Second Wave Context: Challenges, Strategies, and Possibilities. Eds. D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein and Andrea O’Reilly. Toronto: Demeter Press, 2012.

White Feminism and Contemporary Maternity:  Purging Matrophobia. Palgrave Press, March 2010.

Contemplating Maternity in an Era of Choice:  Explorations into Discourses of Reproduction. Eds. Sara Hayden and D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2010.

bikinireadymoms academic motherhood book white-feminists-and-contemporary-maternity contemplating-maternity

“She Gives Birth, She’s Wearing a Bikini: Mobilizing the Post-Pregnant Celebrity Mom Body to Manage the Post-Second Wave Crisis in Femininity.Women’s Studies in Communication 34.2 (November 2011):  1-27.

“The Intriguing History and Curious Silences of Woman Born:  Rereading Rich Rhetorically to Better Understand the Contemporary Context.National Women’s Studies Journal 22.1 (2010): 18-41.

“Public Choices, Private Control:  How Mediated Mom Labels Work Rhetorically to Dismantle the Politics of Choice and White Second Wave Feminist Successes. Contemplating Maternity in an Era of Choice:  Explorations into Discourses of Reproduction.” Eds. Sara Hayden and D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein.  Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2010: 5-26.

“Silences and Choices:  The Legacies of White Second Wave Feminism in the New Professoriate.” Women’s Studies in Communication 31.2 (Summer 2008): 143-150.

Other professional activity and/or awards:

Outstanding Book Award for an edited volume from the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender, 2011.

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