Rhetoric Faculty Profiles


Matthew Parfitt
Chair, Division of Rhetoric; Associate Professor of Rhetoric
BA, MA (English), University of Toronto; PhD (English), Boston College
Research interests:  Composition, literary theory, British literature 1880–1930, gender studies, World War I, Robert Frost


Stephanie Byttebier
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (Linguistics and Literature: Germanic Languages (Dutch-English), University of Ghent, Belgium; MA (American Studies), University of Antwerp, Belgium; MA & PhD (English) Boston University
Research interests: American literature and drama (1850-1945); literature and the emotions; affect theory; women’s writing

Rick Cole
Instructor of Rhetoric
BA, MA (English), University of Massachusetts
Research interests:  Composition pedagogy and cultural studies

D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein
Associate Professor of Rhetoric
BA (Speech Communication), University of Pittsburgh; MA (Speech Communication), University of North Carolina; PhD (Communication), Ohio State University
Research interests:  Rhetoric, cultural studies, feminist theory, and contemporary understandings of motherhood and mothering

Regina Hansen
Senior Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (English/Anthropology), Tufts University; PhD (English Literature), Boston College
Research interests:  Supernatural literature and film, the fantastic in popular culture, religion in film, Neo-Victorianism

Charles Henebry
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (Science and Literature), Harvard University; PhD (English Literature), New York University
Research interests:  Comic books and other graphic narratives, the human and the superhuman

Beth Kramer
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (Biology), University of Pennsylvania; MA, PhD (English), New York University
Research interests:  Victorian women and culture, and nineteenth-century reform movements

Patricia Larash
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (Classics), Harvard-Radcliffe College; MA, (Greek), PhD (Classics) University of California, Berkeley
Research interests:  Latin poetry, readership in the ancient world, gender and sexuality in the ancient world, Joyce

Gillian Pierce
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric
BA (French and English History and Literature), Harvard College; MA, PhD (Comparative Literature), University of Michigan
Research interests:  Comparative literature, eighteenth-century French literature and salons, literary and aesthetic theory, literature and the visual arts, Agnès Varda

Davida Pines
Associate Professor of Rhetoric
BA (English), Yale University; MA (English and American Literature), New York University; MPhil (English Romantic Poetry), Oxford University; PhD (English and American Literature), Brandeis University
Research interests:  Long-form autobiographical comics, the relationship between image and text, and the teaching of writing

John Regan
Senior Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (English), Central Connecticut State University; MA (English), Southern Connecticut State University; PhD (English), University of Rhode Island
Research interests:  American literature, composition and rhetoric; computers and writing instruction

Joelle Renstrom
Instructor of Rhetoric
BA (English), University of Michigan; MFA (Creative Writing), University of British Columbia
Research interests:  The intersection of science fiction and science/technology

Matthew Stewart
Associate Professor of Rhetoric
BA (English), Coe College; PhD (English), Emory University
Research interests:  Film and literature of war

Megan Sullivan
Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development; Associate Professor of Rhetoric; Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning
BA (English), Albertus Magnus College; MA (English), Southern Connecticut State University; PhD (British Literature), University of Rhode Island
Research interests:  Education, writing, literature, film, women’s studies and Irish studies

Kathleen Vandenberg
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (Biology), Belmont Abbey College; MA (English Language and Literature), Winthrop University; PhD (Rhetoric and Composition), The Catholic University of America
Research interests:  Style pedagogies, the spatial turn, and modern rhetoric

Kyle Wiggins
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (English Literature), University of Oregon; MA (English Literature), University of Montana; PhD (English Literature), Brandeis University
Research interests:  Contemporary American fiction, genre studies, and composition

Aaron Worth
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric
BA (English & Theater), Bates College; MA, PhD (English Literature), Brandeis University
Research interests:  Victorian Literature and Culture, History of Science, Cognitive Literary Studies, and Media Studies