Rhetoric Faculty Profiles

Davida Pines
Chair and Associate Professor of Rhetoric
BA (English), Yale University; MA (English and American Literature), New York University; MPhil (English Romantic Poetry), Oxford University; PhD (English and American Literature), Brandeis University
Research interests: Long-form autobiographical comics, the relationship between image and text, and the teaching of writing

Stephanie Byttebier
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (Linguistics and Literature: Germanic Languages (Dutch-English), University of Ghent, Belgium; MA (American Studies), University of Antwerp, Belgium; MA & PhD (English) Boston University
Research interests: American literature and drama (1850-1945); literature and the emotions; affect theory; women’s writing

Rick Cole
Instructor of Rhetoric
BA, MA (English), University of Massachusetts
Research interests:  Composition pedagogy and cultural studies

Karen Guendel
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (Chemistry and English), Cornell University; MA and PhD (English), Boston University
Research interests:
American Modernist poetry, English and American romantic poetry, the body in literature, organic aesthetics, cognitive literary studies, metaphor theory

D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein
Associate Professor of Rhetoric
BA (Speech Communication), University of Pittsburgh; MA (Speech Communication), University of North Carolina; PhD (Communication), Ohio State University
Research interests:  Rhetoric, cultural studies, feminist theory, and contemporary understandings of motherhood and mothering

Regina Hansen
Senior Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (English/Anthropology), Tufts University; PhD (English Literature), Boston College
Research interests:  Supernatural literature and film, the fantastic in popular culture, religion in film, Neo-Victorianism

Charles Henebry
Senior Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (Science and Literature), Harvard University; PhD (English Literature), New York University
Research interests:  Comic books and other graphic narratives, the human and the superhuman

Beth Kramer
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (Biology), University of Pennsylvania; MA, PhD (English), New York University
Research interests:  Victorian women and culture, and nineteenth-century reform movements

Kate Nash
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA, MA (English), Boston College; PhD (English), Fordham University
Research interests: Modernism, writing pedgagogy, feminist theory

Matthew Parfitt
Associate Professor of Rhetoric
BA, MA (English), University of Toronto; PhD (English), Boston College
Research interests:  Composition, literary theory, British literature 1880–1930, gender studies, World War I, Robert Frost

John Regan
Master Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (English), Central Connecticut State University; MA (English), Southern Connecticut State University; PhD (English), University of Rhode Island
Research interests:  Assessment and general education; intellectual property and plagiarism; nineteenth century American literature

Joelle Renstrom
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (English), University of Michigan; MFA (Creative Writing), University of British Columbia
Research interests:  The intersection of science fiction and science/technology, cultural and social effects of technology, space exploration, evolution, transhumanism, travelogues

Matthew Stewart
Associate Professor of Rhetoric
BA (English), Coe College; PhD (English), Emory University
Research interests:  Film and literature of war

Megan Sullivan
Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development; Associate Professor of Rhetoric; Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning
BA (English), Albertus Magnus College; MA (English), Southern Connecticut State University; PhD (British Literature), University of Rhode Island
Research interests:  Education, writing, literature, film, women’s studies and Irish studies

Kathleen Vandenberg
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (Biology), Belmont Abbey College; MA (English Language and Literature), Winthrop University; PhD (Rhetoric and Composition), The Catholic University of America
Research interests:  Style pedagogies, the spatial turn, and modern rhetoric

Kyle Wiggins 
Lecturer of Rhetoric
BA (English Literature), University of Oregon; MA (English Literature), University of Montana; PhD (English Literature), Brandeis University
Research interests:  Contemporary American fiction, genre studies, and composition

Aaron Worth 
Associate Professor of Rhetoric
BA (English & Theater), Bates College; MA, PhD (English Literature), Brandeis University
Research interests:  Victorian Literature and Culture, History of Science, Cognitive Literary Studies, and Media Studies