Kari Lavalli

K LavalliSenior Lecturer of Natural Sciences & Mathematics


BA Bio-Mathematics, Wells College
PhD Marine Biology Studies, Boston University

Teaching interests: Science and marine biology

Research interests: Behavioral ecology of decapods, predator-prey interactions, animal behavior, inquiry-based science education and community involvement in resource conservation

Selected publications:

Sommers Smith, S.K., S. Hammer, P.E. Busher, K.L. Lavalli and R. Schoch, Editors. (2008) Laboratory Manual for the Natural Sciences, 6th Edition. Pearson Custom Publishing.

*Lavalli, K.L. and E. Spanier, Editors.  (2007) The Biology and Fisheries of the Slipper Lobster, Crustacean Issues, Vol. 17. Taylor & Francis Group-CRC Press, New York.  400 pps.

*Note: the artwork for this book’s cover was done by CGS Alum ’07, Megan Stover.
slipper lobster book

Pugh, T., J. Goldstein, K.L. Lavalli, M. Clancy, and W.H. Watson, III. (2013) At-sea determination of mating activity in female American lobsters (Homarus americanus): patterns and expectations. Fisheries Research 147 (2013): 327-337.

Spanier, E., K.L. Lavalli. (2013) Commercial scyllarids.  Chapter 13.  In:  Lobsters:  Biology, Management, Aquaculture, and Fisheries (B.F. Phillips, ed.). Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, U.K. Pp. 414-466.

Spanier, E., K.L. Lavalli, and D. Edelist.  (2011)  Artificial reefs for lobsters – An overview of their application for fisheries enhancement, management, and conservation.  In:  Artificial Reefs in Fisheries Management (Bortone, S., ed.).  Taylor & Francis Group-CRC Press, NY.  Pp. 77-109.

Spanier, E., K.L. Lavalli, and D. Weihs. (2011) Comparative morphology in slipper lobsters: possible adaptations to habitat and swimming, with emphasis on lobsters from the Mediterranean and adjacent seas. Monografie del Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali di Torino 47: 111-130.

Lavalli, K.L. and E. Spanier (2010)  The Palinura, Chapter 68.  In:  The Crustacea, Traite de Zoologie 9A – Decapoda (J. Forest & J.C. von Vaupel Klein, eds).  (Koninklijke Brill, Leiden, Boston). pp. 425-532.

Cleveland, D. and K.L. Lavalli.  (2010)  Factors important in the establishment and maintenance of grey triggerfish (Balistes capriscus) dominance hierarchies.  Current Zoology (Acta Zoologica Sinica) 56(1): 18-35.

Spanier, E., K. Lavalli, and D. Edelist  (2010)  Artificial habitats for benthic dwelling lobsters – Analysis of more than five decades of research.  J. Mar. Biol. Assoc. India.  52(2): 113-138.

Horne, F., S. Tarsitano, and K.L. Lavalli.  (2009)  Aspects of the mineralization of the cuticle of the crayfish Procambarus clarkii (Decapoda, Cambaridae).  Crustaceana 82(8):  1057-1065.

Lavalli, K.L. and W.F. Herrnkind.  (2009)  Defensive strategies of Caribbean spiny lobsters:  effects of group size and predator group size.  N.Z. J. Mar. Freshwater Res. 43(1): 15-28.

Scrham, F.R., S.T. Ahyong, K.A. Crandall, F. Gherardi, M.J. Grygier, K.L. Lavalli, G. Poore, D.C. Rogers, G. Scholtz, T. Simon, S. Tamone, and M. Wickstein (2008) Publication in the Journal of Crustacean Biology. J. Crust. Biol. 28(2): 197-202.

Other professional activity and/or awards:

GUTS Program Grant for Assessment of Undergraduate Writing in the Sciences:  Paths to Improvement (with Prof. Sally Sommers Smith), 2012-2013.

Associate Editor for Journal of Crustacean Biology, 2008-2010.

Guest Editor for Northeastern Naturalist, 2010.

Scientific Consultant on UNH SeaGrant Project, 2008-2010.

Included in Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide, (pg. 862 in 2008 Edition; pg. 690 in 2009 Edition), 2008-2009.