Natural Sciences & Mathematics Faculty Profiles

Peter Busher
Acting Chair and Professor, Natural Sciences & Mathematics
BA, MA (Biology), San Francisco State University; PhD (Biology), University, Nevada
Research interests:  Population biology, behavioral ecology, population dynamics, beavers

Leonard Andres
Senior Lecturer, Natural Sciences & Mathematics
AB (Computer Science), Brown University; MS (Physiology), Harvard University; PhD (Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology), Tufts University
Research interests:  Biomechanics, hitting and pitching, how weather impacts pitched ball flight in MLB, statistical analysis, baseball or sabermetrics, and how ulnar collateral ligament injuries impact release point in MLB pitchers

Millard Baublitz
Associate Professor, Natural Sciences & Mathematics
BS (Physics and Astronomy), University, Maryland; PhD (Physics), Cornell University
Research interests:  Foundations of quantum mechanics and various topics in solid state physics

Sandy Buerger
Lecturer, Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Samuel Hammer 
Associate Professor, Natural Sciences & Mathematics
BA (Anthropology), Grinnell College; MA (Counseling), DePaul University; MA (Biology), San Francisco State University; PhD (Biology), Harvard University
Research interests:  Science and nature, botany, history, arts

Gregg S. Jaeger
Associate Professor, Natural Sciences & Mathematics
BSc (Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics), University, Wisconsin; PhD (Physics), Boston University
Research interests:  Foundations, physics, information theory and quantum optics

Kari Lavalli (on leave for spring 2018)
Senior Lecturer, Natural Sciences & Mathematics
BA (Bio-Mathematics), Wells College; PhD (Marine Biology Studies), Boston University
Research interests:  Behavioral ecology, decapods, predator-prey interactions, animal behavior, inquiry-based science education and community involvement in resource conservation

Robert Schoch 
Associate Professor, Natural Sciences & Mathematics
BA (Anthropology), The George Washington University; BS (Geology), The George Washington University; MS , PhD (Geology and Geophysics), Yale University
Research interests:  Geology, paleontology, evolution, environmental science, ancient Egypt and prehistoric/ancient cultures around the world

Sally Sommers Smith (on leave for the 2017-2018 academic year)
Associate Professor; Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
BA (Biology), Grinnell College; PhD (Anatomy and Cellular Biology), Tufts University
Research interests:  Pulmonary cell biology, traditional Irish music

Karen Weikel
Lecturer, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
BS (Biochemistry and Philosophy), University of Scranton; MS, PhD (Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition), Tufts University
Research interests: Cell biology, biochemistry, human metabolism, endocrinology, nutrition