Joellen Masters

Joellen MastersSenior Lecturer of Humanities


AB English Literature, Mount Holyoke College
MA English Literature, Boston University
PhD English Literature, Boston University

Teaching interests: British Literature, Victorian Literature and Culture, Women’s Studies and Feminist Theory, Cultural Studies, Art History, Film and Film Theory, and Expository Composition

Research interests: Victorian and New Woman Fiction

Selected publications:

“‘Let herself out to do needlework’: Female Agency and the Workhouse of Gender in Charles Dickens’s Little Dorrit,” Famine and Fashion: Needlewomen in the Nineteenth Century.  Ed. Beth Harris.  Burlington, Vt. and Hampshire: Ashgate Press (2005) 53-66.

“‘Nothing more’ and ‘Nothing definite’: First Wives in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters,” The Journal of Narrative Theory.  34.1 (Winter 2004): 1-26.

“‘A Great Part to Play’: Gender, Genre, and Literary Fame in George Moore’s A Mummer’s Wife,” Victorian Literature and Culture 29.2 (2001): 285-301.

“‘Hemmed In’:  Elizabeth Gaskell’s Ruth and the Semiotics of Sewing,” Journal of the Association for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Arts 5.2 (2000): 135-147.

Other professional activity and/or awards:

Book Reviews Editor, The Latchkey:  The Journal of New Woman Studies.

Dr. Ismail Sensel Award, Boston University, 2008.

Junior Fellow in the Boston University Humanities Foundation Society of Fellows, Boston University, 2005-2006.