Humanities Faculty Profiles

Adam Sweeting
Chair and Associate Professor, Division of Humanities
BA (Philosophy), Clark University; MA, PhD (American Studies), New York University
Research interests: American literature, environmental writing, and climate change; faculty governance.

Cheryl Boots (on leave for fall 2017)
Senior Lecturer, Humanities
BA (Honors English), University, Mount Union; MA (Higher Education Administration), Michigan State University; MA, PhD (American & New England Studies), Boston University
Research interests:  Nineteenth century American literature, art, religion and music in historical context; sacred music in the secular world; song writing and performance

Christopher Coffman
Lecturer, Humanities
BA (English and Psychology), Franklin and Marshall College; MA, PhD (English Language and Literature), The Catholic University, America
Research interests:  Contemporary American fiction and poetry; William T. Vollmann; Thomas Pynchon; James Merrill

Sheila Cordner 
Lecturer, Humanities
BA (English Literature), Smith College; MA, (English and Comparative Literature), Columbia University, PhD (English Literature) Boston University
Research interests:  Nineteenth-Century British Literature, History, Education; Irish Literature; Women’s and Gender Studies

Christopher Fahy
Lecturer, Humanities
BA (English), Bates College; MA, PhD (English), Boston University
Research interests:  Film and Sports Literature

John Fawell
Professor, Humanities
BA (General Studies in the Humanities); MA, PhD (Comparative Literature), University, Chicago
Research interests:  19th-century European literature film, particularly studio-era Hollywood

E. Thomas Finan
Lecturer, Humanities
BA , PhD (Literature and Philosophy); Boston University
Research interests:  Narratives, the real in American literature, American intellectual history, connections between philosophy and literature

Josh Hasler
Instructor, Humanities
BA (Philosophy), Gordon College; MTS (Philosophical Theology), Boston University; PHD Candidate, Boston University Graduate Division of Religious Studies
Research interests: Religion and literary studies, semiotics, poetics, narratology, pragmatism, philosophical theology

Neal Leavitt (on leave for spring 2018)
Senior Lecturer, Humanities
BA (Philosophy) Harvard University; MA, PhD (Philosophy) Boston College
Research interests:  Human rights, 20th century ethical theory, Thoreau, and the history, moral and political philosophy

Joellen Masters
Master Lecturer, Humanities
AB (English Literature), Mount Holyoke College; MA, PhD (English Literature), Boston University
Research interests:  Victorian and New Woman Fiction

Natalie McKnight
Dean; Professor, Humanities
BA (English and Drama), Washington College; MA (Creative Writing), Johns Hopkins University; PhD (English and American Literature), University, Delaware
Research interests: Victorian literature, creative writing, gender studies

Joshua Pederson (on leave for fall 2017)
Assistant Professor, Humanities
BA (English), University, Michigan; PhD (Religion and Literature), Boston University
Research interests:  Twentieth-century American literature, religion and literature, and the Bible

Kevin Stoehr 
Associate Professor, Humanities
AB (Philosophy), Bowdoin College, Magna cum laude; MA, PhD (Philosophy), Boston University
Research interests:  Philosophy and Film, Film Studies, and History, Philosophy

Matt Stokes
Lecturer, Humanities
BA (English, Biology), University of Maryland – College Park; MA, PhD (English), Boston University
Research interests: Early modern drama, bearbaiting, animal studies, and the culture of the duello

Meg Tyler
Associate Professor, Humanities
BA (English), Kenyon College; PhD (Twentieth Century American, British and Irish Poetry), Boston University
Research interests: History of Lyric Poetry, Contemporary Poetry, Poetry in Translation, Irish Literature, Intersections between Art History and Literature, Art and Ethics

Jeffery Vail (on leave for fall 2017)
Master Lecturer, Humanities
BA (English Literature), Washington College; MA, PhD (English Literature), University, Delaware
Research interests:  British and Irish Romanticism

Robert Wexelblatt
Professor, Humanities
BA (English), University, Pennsylvania; MA (English and American Literature), University, Michigan; PhD (English and American Literature), Brandeis University
Research interests:  Twentieth-century literature, philosophical problems, fiction, poetry, informal essays