Humanities Faculty Profiles

Adam Sweeting
Chair and Associate Professor, Division of Humanities
BA (Philosophy), Clark University; MA, PhD (American Studies), New York University
Research interests: American literature, environmental writing, and climate change; faculty governance.

Cheryl Boots
Senior Lecturer, Humanities
BA (Honors English), University, Mount Union; MA (Higher Education Administration), Michigan State University; MA, PhD (American & New England Studies), Boston University
Research interests:  Nineteenth century American literature, art, religion and music in historical context; sacred music in the secular world; song writing and performance

Devin Byker
Lecturer, Humanities
BA (English, French, Music), Calvin College; MA and PhD (English), Boston University
Research interests: late medieval and early modern drama, approaches to dying, trans-Reformation studies, performance studies, critical theory, the writings of Hannah Arendt

Christopher Coffman
Lecturer, Humanities
BA (English and Psychology), Franklin and Marshall College; MA, PhD (English Language and Literature), The Catholic University, America
Research interests:  Contemporary American fiction and poetry; William T. Vollmann; Thomas Pynchon; James Merrill

Sheila Cordner (on leave for Fall 2016)
Lecturer, Humanities
BA (English Literature), Smith College; MA, (English and Comparative Literature), Columbia University, PhD (English Literature) Boston University
Research interests:  Nineteenth-Century British Literature, History, Education; Irish Literature; Women’s and Gender Studies

Christopher Fahy
Lecturer, Humanities
BA (English), Bates College; MA, PhD (English), Boston University
Research interests:  Film and Sports Literature

John Fawell
Professor, Humanities
BA (General Studies in the Humanities); MA, PhD (Comparative Literature), University, Chicago
Research interests:  19th-century European literature film, particularly studio-era Hollywood

E. Thomas Finan
Lecturer, Humanities
BA , PhD (Literature and Philosophy); Boston University
Research interests:  Narratives, the real in American literature, American intellectual history, connections between philosophy and literature

John J. Garcia
Lecturer, Humanities
BA, MA (English Literature), California State University; PhD (Rhetoric) University of California, Berkely
Research interests: History of the book, critical theory (social theory, aesthetics, media and materiality), early American literature

Neal Leavitt
Senior Lecturer, Humanities
BA (Philosophy) Harvard University; MA, PhD (Philosophy) Boston College
Research interests:  Human rights, 20th century ethical theory, Thoreau, and the history, moral and political philosophy

Joellen Masters
Senior Lecturer, Humanities
AB (English Literature), Mount Holyoke College; MA, PhD (English Literature), Boston University
Research interests:  Victorian and New Woman Fiction

Natalie McKnight
Dean; Professor, Humanities
BA (English and Drama), Washington College; MA (Creative Writing), Johns Hopkins University; PhD (English and American Literature), University, Delaware
Research interests: Victorian literature, creative writing, gender studies

Joshua Pederson (on leave for Fall 2016)
Assistant Professor, Humanities
BA (English), University, Michigan; PhD (Religion and Literature), Boston University
Research interests:  Twentieth-century American literature, religion and literature, and the Bible

Kevin Stoehr (on leave for Spring 2017)
Associate Professor, Humanities
AB (Philosophy), Bowdoin College, Magna cum laude; MA, PhD (Philosophy), Boston University
Research interests:  Philosophy and Film, Film Studies, and History, Philosophy

Meg Tyler
Associate Professor, Humanities
BA (English), Kenyon College; PhD (Twentieth Century American, British and Irish Poetry), Boston University
Research interests:  History, Lyric Poetry, Contemporary Poetry, Sonnets in English and German, Poetry in Translation, Irish Literature, Intersections between Art History and Literature

Jeffery Vail
Master Lecturer, Humanities
BA (English Literature), Washington College; MA, PhD (English Literature), University, Delaware
Research interests:  British and Irish Romanticism

Robert Wexelblatt
Professor, Humanities
BA (English), University, Pennsylvania; MA (English and American Literature), University, Michigan; PhD (English and American Literature), Brandeis University
Research interests:  Twentieth-century literature, philosophical problems, fiction, poetry, informal essays