Faculty Research Topics

A more complete review of faculty interests is available under “Faculty Profiles”. The following is a select list and is divided by topic area, so you can search by areas of study and research that might be of interest to you. In 2014, the CGS Faculty Research and Scholarship Committee asked their colleagues to provide an overview of their research interests. This is a select list, because the entire CGS faculty is not represented here.

Protest and Inequality

Cheryl Boots: Community development through singing; Southern Freedom Movement in the United States 

Megan Sullivan: Children of incarcerated parents; disability studies

Victorian Studies

Sheila Cordner: Education and nineteenth century British literature

Joellen Masters: Victorian ghost studies; first wives in Victorian and modernist novels

Natalie McKnight – Charles Dickens; Dickens’s A Christmas Carol and Lowell mill factory women; and Dickens’s subversive use of sex slang.

Sports and Literature

Christopher Fahy – teaching and writing about sports and literature

American Literature

Chris Coffman – Poetry and fiction since 1900, especially William T. Vollmann, Thomas Pynchon, and James Merrill

E. Thomas Finan – American Literature before the Civil War

Kyle Wiggins – American Revenge Tragedies

Philosophy and Literature

E. Thomas Finan – the philosophical implications for literary form

Feminist and Women’s Studies

Joellen Masters – “New Woman” fiction

Megan Sullivan – Writing by women

Creative Writing

Joelle Renstrom –essays and editorials about writing, teaching, travel, science and technology

Robert Wexelblatt – essays on literary and philosophical subjects; a series of Chinese tales; short stories, poems and novels.

Meg Tyler – Poetry

Megan Sullivan – Memoir and personal essays

Physics and Quantum Mechanics

Millard Baublitz – Band structure and electronic properties of LaSr2Mn207; solid state physics

Gregg Jaeger – advanced quantum key distribution

Composition Studies

Matthew Parfitt – the history of reading and teaching writing

Science Fiction and Technology

Joelle Renstrom – intersection of science fiction and technology; robot columnist for The Daily Beast and space news reporter for now.space. 

Religion and Politics

Jay Corrin – Catholic social thinking

Japanese English-language Propaganda

June Grasso – Japanese war propaganda about events in China leading up to WW II

Russian Studies

Michael Kort – history of Russia

The Bombing of Hiroshima

Michael Kort – the Vietnam War

Social and Religious History

Scott Marr – coexistence between religious groups and early modern Europe