CGS IT Services & Support

To:  CGS Faculty
From:     Dean Wells
Technology Support Group:   Naomi Lomba-Gomes, Matt Dursin, Matt Hallgren, Robert Oresick, Stacy Godnick

RE:  Classroom Technology Support

We want to remind you of the technology services we offer to support your teaching.  Since more and more faculty are using technology in the classroom and because we had unfortunate problems last spring (delays, equipment malfunctions, etc.), we have been working to make substantial improvements.


Over the summer, many classrooms have been upgraded.

  • The sound system in JSA has been replaced, moving from terrible to state of the art on campus.
  • Echo lecture capture is now available in JSA.  If you want to have your lecture recorded (audio and video of powerpoint slides), you can request it via the classroom technology page.
  • Many classrooms were renovated and projectors were built-in.
  • Some problematic equipment has been repaired or replaced.
  • The rhetoric rooms on the first floor were completely redone, with built-it, screens

We have completely revamped the procedures and training of our work-study students.  We ask for your immediate and candid feedback on our services – including both staff and equipment – especially at the beginning of the semester.  We can’t support your teaching effectively without good corrective feedback from you.  (You will notice a comment section on the request form that asks for your feedback.  We will survey you by email also.  But as soon there is a problem call  Matt D and Naomi and let us know.)

Classes must end by 10 minutes of the hour!

If you are teaching in a CGS room, you must end your class by 10 before the hour.

Equipment must be delivered and setup prior to the start of class.  The workstudy student must have access to the room by 10 of the hour so the laptop and other equipment can be up and running for the next professor.  Please be considerate of your colleagues; If there are delays, it costs the next professor using the room time from their 45 minutes of teaching.

Also, it is very important to remember that your students need adequate time to get to their next classes, often an elective located in another building down campus

We will monitor this and the dean will remind professors who don’t release their students on time.

After the setup, the work-study students will also stay nearby in the corridor for at least 10 minutes after your class begins so that if you have a problem with equipment, they will be readily available to assist you.

Flashdrives and Laptops

Please bring all electronic files (PowerPoint presentations, documents, etc.) to your class on a flash drive.  The classroom support student will have the computer up and running and logged on, so you will simply pop in your flash drive and begin.

This recommendation is in an effort to setup classroom technology (computers, projectors, media equipment, etc.) more efficiently during the busy and time-constrained 10 minute interval between classes. Using this method rather than relying on the professor to log on and retrieve files over the network will save time and minimize class disruption and delays.

If you need a flash drive, you can make a one-time-only request for a flash drive in the dean’s office (room 209) from Tracey.

Faculty members are encouraged to use their own computers in class for presentations. There is an option on the online Media Request form for reserving a projector and using your own computer. Both PC notebooks and MacBooks are supported, but if you are using a MacBook, please bring your own VGA adapter.  Many professors already use their own laptops and it seems like a convenient and efficient practice.

Earlier is better

Please make your requests for classroom technology as soon as possible:

  • The request form is at
  • The password is “please”.
  • A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is necessary to schedule staff and equipment.  If you will have recurrent needs, it would be great to schedule them for the semester.

Blackboard 8

Please remember to register for your Blackboard 8 sites before the beginning of the semester. Do not forget to group your sections as well.  For assistance with this, contact Matt Hallgren at 3-6132 or

Katzenberg Center

Naomi Lomba-Gomes, director of the Katzenberg Center, can be reached at extension 8-0308 for more information about the services below:

  • Power Point Support   You may schedule time with Naomi to consult with you on the production of and problems with your PowerPoint presentations, including searching for content such as images and maps.
  • Lecture capture  for your classes or guest speakers  Contact Matt Dursin at 3-2871.
  • Audio tapes of classes
  • Advertising and publicity for your events (signs,  lobby displays, web-site and newsletter notices)
  • Slide shows  Naomi produces on-going slide shows for the lobby screen, which entails gathering information from faculty, staff, etc. regarding your outside research projects, conference participations, and student classroom projects,.  This is a way to inform students, parents and the rest of the BU family about CGS life.  Naomi will send out requests for your information during the semester, and you may schedule time with her to discuss your projects.
  • Scanning of text and images

You may also speak to Naomi about projects involving the scanning of hard copy text that needs to be digitized.  For example, if you are revising a chapter of your book, but do not have the material in the computer, Naomi will use optical character recognition software to put the text into editable format.  Please allow plenty of lead time for this task.

  • Acquisition of films for your classes and arranging screenings.
  • Photo and videotaping services are available through the audio-visual component of the Katzenberg Center.  Please contact Matt Dursin at ext. 32871 to arrange for videotaping of classroom presentations, etc., and allow sufficient lead time when making arrangements for such services.  Matt will assist in posting to BUniverse.


Technology Support and Instruction

Contact  Matthew Hallgren for technology support & instruction (9-5).

For after hours desktop support information, contact TechWeb –

In addition to desktop computing support, other IT services  are available within CGS:

  • Lecture capture in room 527 and JSA
  • Skype video conferencing
  • Notebook and projection technology for classroom use (via the Classroom Technology Request form)