Undergraduate Research Experience

The CGS Undergraduate Research Experience, funded by the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning, is a unique opportunity for students to work directly with CGS faculty members on current research projects while earning a stipend for their research work. Faculty model effective research skills and teach students how they can contribute to an academic community, participate in clinical research and more. Students learn to think and write more critically and to plan and conduct sustained academic projects.

Students may apply to work directly with a certain CGS faculty member, or they may work with Associate Dean Megan Sullivan, director of CITL, to find a research opportunity that matches their interests and passions. Visit the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning (Room 215) to talk about the opportunities available and take a look at what some of our research teams have accomplished below. Find out more about other research opportunities at CGS (including directed study for class credit) and across campus.

Past Research

CITL Research 217A Look at Undergraduate Research: Climate Change and Law

A Look at Undergraduate Research: Victorian Feminism

A Look at Undergraduate Research: Climate Change and the “Tragedy of the Commons”

A Look at Undergraduate Research: First Wives and Marriage in British Novels

Contributions Beyond Research: One Undergraduate’s Role in Bikini-Ready Moms

Meet the Students of CGS: translating archeological texts and biographies

“Unique, Unusual, Unbelievable” research opportunities for CGS students

Featured in Collegian: Inquiring Minds: From Virginia Woolf to the “cognition of comics,” students pursue new research

Featured in Collegian and BU Research: Our Ecosystem at Risk: a student’s study of bacteria in water

Dr. Lynn O'Brien Hallstein displays her new book, Bikini Ready MomsFeatured in Collegian and BU Research: Fighting Segregation with Song

Featured in Collegian and BU Today: Beavers vs. Humans

Featured in Boston University Alumni Association video: Sandy Buerger, lecturer of natural sciences and mathematics, and CGS undergraduate student researcher Alex Strelko