Annual Conference

Each summer, the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning invites scholars from around the world to explore a timely topic from an interdisciplinary perspective. Based on using an interdisciplinary approach for nearly fifty years at the College of General Studies, we know that exploring one topic from multiple perspectives generates a more comprehensive and deeper understanding, as it introduces both new information and modes of thinking. We encourage attendees across different academic disciplines to join us to share insights from their area of expertise and ensure a rich and productive discussion.

2017 Annual Conference

22nd Annual Dickens Symposium: Interdisciplinary Dickens

July 14-16 at College of General Studies
Co-Sponsored by the Dickens Society and the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning

Charles Dickens was the ultimate interdisciplinary thinker. The encyclopedic quality of his writing, his incorporation of characters from all classes and walks of life, his genius at being “a special correspondent for posterity,” and his interest in reforms in prisons, the treatment of the insane and urban design all result in works that reflect on a wide range of disciplines and that can be effectively illuminated by interdisciplinary approaches. Yet these approaches are complicated by the fact that Dickens’s career coincided with the emergence of modern disciplines of knowledge, and the nature and definitions of these disciplines has shifted. Find registration and accommodations information here