Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning

The Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning (CITL) believes great teachers are defined in part by their understanding of how students learn, and that they use this knowledge to elevate the learning experience. CITL strives to develop great teachers, today and tomorrow. Based at Boston University’s College of General Studies, CITL stimulates and nurtures excellent undergraduate interdisciplinary education and foregrounds best practices in teaching. Informed by the successes of CGS—which has been delivering an outstanding interdisciplinary, general education for more than sixty years— CITL offers pedagogies and meaningful and practical educational opportunities which others can learn from, adapt, and further promote.

Led by Associate Dean Megan Sullivan, and powered by the active support of CGS faculty, CITL delivers valuable programming aimed at those seeking to learn more about or participate in interdisciplinary or general education experiences, specifically: current and aspiring undergraduate faculty; undergraduate students; and life-long learners, including BU alumni.

Faculty Professional Development Opportunities: Undergraduate Development Opportunities: Life-Long Learner Opportunities:
  • Annual Conference
  • Impact: The Journal of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning
  • Research
  • Post-Doctoral and Graduate Teacher Training
  • Faculty Research & Scholarship Committee events
  • ePortfolio
  • Research
  • Summer Institute
  • The Institute for the Study of Irish Culture
  • Poetry Reading Series

More information on each of our offerings, and how to get involved, is throughout our website.

Additionally, please check out the CITL Newsletter Spring 2016.