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To:  CGS students

From:  Natalie McKnight, Associate Dean, CGS

Re:  Eportfolios

Welcome, freshmen and welcome back, sophomores! I hope you’ve had a great start to the fall term.  I am writing to remind you that you should be setting up an eportfolio to archive your academic work while you are at BU (if you are a sophomore, just continue your eportfolio from last year). Eportfolios are an excellent tool for organizing, saving and reflecting on your work, and they can be a real asset when you apply for internships, graduate schools or jobs since they offer a much richer picture of your work than a resume ever could.

Sophomores will only need to change their team letter in the title of their portfolio from last year, but freshman, you will need to start a new one, if you have not done so already.  For instruction on how to set up or add material to a portfolio, please visit this site:

If you are having any difficulties with your eportfolio, we have a CGS Peer Mentor for eportfolios who works two days a week in the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning, room 215 at CGS.  Her name is Gabriela de Castro; she is a CGS sophomore, and she will be working Tuesdays from 2-3 and Thursdays from 1-3, starting tomorrow. You don’t need an appointment—you can just drop by and get help on your portfolios during these hours. You can also get help from BU’ s I.T. office through any of these means:

•             email at

•             file a form on IT websites (

•             phone at 3-HELP

•             ask a question in person at Mugar or at 533 Comm Ave

Please feel free to drop by room 215 if you would like to ask me any questions about eportfolios or other aspects of your CGS experience.  I hope you have a great year!

Academic Information

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Gather information about the various academic programs/majors and the elective you will take next semester. Below are valuable resources for you to explore!


  • Information Sessions (Listed above.)
  • CGS Fact Sheets: (Available in CGS Student Services, Room 211 & Describe the academic requirements for different majors.
  • Schedule a mandatory registration meeting with your advisor: Make an appointment in CGS Student Services, Room 211.
  • Undergraduate Bulletin: ( Describes program and course offerings in all schools and colleges at BU.
  • School/College Websites:,, etc.
  • Career/Internship Information: ( Make an appointment at the Center for Career Development, 100 Bay State Rd, 6th Floor, 617-353-3590.
  • School/College Representative: (Listed below.) AFTER meeting with your CGS advisor, make an appointment with an academic representative from the other schools and colleges.




  • College of Arts and Sciences (100 Bay State Rd, Room 401):
    Kerry Buglio, 617-353-2400,
  • College of Communication (640 Comm Ave, Room 123):
    Ryan Thurston, 617-353-3471,
  • College of Engineering (44 Cummington St, Room 107):
    Ruthie Jean, 617-353-4681,
  • Metropolitan College (755 Comm Ave, Room 102):
    Open advising, 617-353-2980

  • PreLaw Program (725 Comm Ave, Room B-2):
    Rita Callahan, 617-353-4867,

  • PreMedical/Health Sciences (725 Comm Ave, Room B-2):
    Open advising, 353-2435

  • Sargent College (635 Comm Ave, Room 204):
    Heather Nicholson, 617-353-7475,
  • School of Education (2 Silber Way, Room 243):
    Jacqueline Boyle, 617-353-3177,

  • School of Hospitality Administration (928 Comm Ave, Room 307):
    Abby Raspallo, 617-353-0930,
  • School of Management (595 Comm Ave Room 102):
    Sally Ward, 617-353-2650,

SAR information session – Thurs. Nov. 8

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Learning Disability Accommodations

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Learning Disability Accommodations

If you have a learning disability or attention deficit disorder – or suspect that you do – we strongly recommend that you contact the Office of Disability Services at 19 Deerfield Street, 617-353-3658.   Read about the procedures for accommodations online at

Returning students who had accommodations last semester must re-apply with Disabilities Services each semester for new accommodation letters!  For more information, see your advisor or talk with Rebekah Hardeson in room 211.

Academic Conduct Code

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September, 2011

Dear CGS Student,

I am pleased to welcome you to the new academic year. Because the College and University take very seriously the matter of academic integrity, I write to you to call your attention to the Academic Conduct Code, located at  (You can download a copy here:

CGS students are responsible for knowing and following the Boston University common code of academic conduct.  We believe this recently revised  document articulates the standards for academic integrity and ensures that each student will be treated in a consistent and fair manner. This code applies to all of the  undergraduate schools and colleges at Boston University.

Although the great majority of students conduct themselves responsibly, each year we do have some students who are charged with and found guilty of academic misconduct. The penalties are severe. By far the greatest number of academic misconduct cases arise out of plagiarism from the Internet, especially cutting and pasting Internet sources which then go into a paper without attribution. It is your responsibility to inform yourself about academic policies in each of your courses; ignorance of the policies is not considered an acceptable defense.

Please take this opportunity to read the code carefully and heed this warning. When students describe why they plagiarized a paper or cheated on an exam, they often tell me they were desperate. Those who plagiarized say they did not leave enough time to complete the assignment, and in desperation they simply downloaded a paper or a segment of a paper off the Internet. I tell them faculty will find the source just as easily as they found it. It would be much better to face the consequence of a last-minute effort in the form of a low grade, rather than risk the severe and long-term consequence of cheating. It is possible that academic misconduct committed as an undergraduate can follow you into your graduate or professional careers.

I urge you to review carefully the Academic Conduct Code and to speak with your professors about it. We want you to be successful in your work as a student at the College of General Studies and later when you continue into your junior and senior years at Boston University. Please do not commit a foolish act of misconduct that will adversely affect your future.

Sincerely,wells, linda  8-31-2010 2-13-30 AM
Linda Wells

Undergraduate Bulletin

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The undergraduate bulletin is the authoritative document about all the undergraduate school, programs, and courses at Boston University.  It serves as your contract with BU.  The document is no longer printed — available online only at

If you have questions, please consult with your CGS advisor.

Student Link

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The student link is the source of extensive and important information and is the site where students conduct academic business, such as registration.


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The Boston University Lifebook provides rules and guidance about living life as a respectful and responsible member of the Boston University community.

Emery Writing Center, Katzenberg Center, and Gilbane Study Lounge

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emery, robert writing center 10-29-2010 6-49-51 AM

Robert W. Emery Writing Center

3rd Floor (In the back of the Katzenberg)
*Schedule an appointment at the reception desk of the Writing Center*

Monday – Thursday: 10 am to 4 pm
Friday: 10 am to 1 pm





katzenberg center 32 2-14-2008 1-33-03 AM 1421x1655

Preparing for finals: Myriam Coulibaly (CGS’10) finds a quiet spot in the Katzenberg Center. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

Preparing for finals: Myriam Coulibaly (CGS’10) finds a quiet spot in the Katzenberg Center. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

Katzenberg Center

3rd Floor

Monday – Thursday: 9 am to 5 pm
Friday: 9 am to 4 pm

katzenberg center 22 2-14-2008 1-23-25 AM 1886x918

katzenberg center 45 2-14-2008 1-42-18 AM 1840x1101





gilbane study lounge 2-14-2008 2-23-38 AM 2402x783

Gilbane Study Lounge

1st Floor

Monday – Thursday: 9 am to 11 pm
Friday: 9 am to 5 pm

gilbane study lounge 2-14-2008 2-24-35 AM 2433x1468

gilblane study lounge 2-14-2008 2-25-19 AM 1498x765

The Chimaerid, 2011

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Chimaerid (K-EYE-MI-RID) – The chimaerids are a group of fish, named after Greek mythological beast the chimaera, a monster put together from the parts of many animals. Our magazine also is put together from many parts and includes the talents of many types of artists – poets, photographers, filmmakers, painters, prose artists, etc.  We’re that kind of fish.

Chimaerid 2011


The Literary Magazine of the College of General Studies



5          Roman Ilnicki           “I hear BU Singing”
6          Rachel Hopkins        “Boston” (An Imitation of Blake’s “London”)
7          Rachel Hopkins        “Passion” (An Imitation of Bronte)
9          Casey Nulph             untitled image
10        Marc Orlandella        “I hear BU Singing”
11        Liz Dimant                untitled image
12        Jeremey Lowe           “Boston”
13        Tony Pham                untitled image
14        Brittany Szabo           “Whenever you”
15        Brittany Szabo           “Closest Thing”
16        Brittany Szabo           “Rainy Day”
17        Savanah Walsh          untitled image
18        Shershah Atif:            “Complications of the Heart”
19        Colin O’Neill             untitled image
20        Sara Shilling              “Window Box”
23        Isabella Spence         untitled image
24        Isabella Spence         “To Loss”
25        Isabella Spence         “Winter is Love to Me”
26        Isabella Spence         “Summer is Overrated”
28        Melissa Papalcure:    “All Mine”
29        Ben Goodman           “Chair”
30        Brandon Wood          “Nightmare of the Conscious”
32        Sean Maria Nelson   “Sleepless Thought”
37        Shershah Atif             untitled image
38        Jonathan Heilman    “One Day”
39        Mathis Baucher         untitled image
40        Roman Ilnicki           “Great Expectations”



The Chimaerid is dedicated to the memory of our long time supporter and adviser, Dean Bob Emery, “… a true friend and a good writer.”

chimaaerid 2011_page3_image1

Photo:  Naomi Lomba-Gomes

Magazine Credits:

Student Editors: Simon Mendes, Casey Nulph, Colin O’Neill
Cover Image: Tom Kokoska
Contributors: Sher Shah Atif, Mathis Bauchner, Liz Dimant, Ben Goodman,  Jonathan Heilman,  Rachel Hopkins, Roman Ilnicki, Jeremy Lowe, Sean Marria-Nelson, Casey Nulph, Marc Orlandella, Melissa Papalcure, Tony Pham, Sara Shilling,  Isabel Spence, Brittany Szabo, Savanna Walsh, Brandon Wood

Technical advisors and gods: Matt Dursin, Matt Hallgren, Dean Robert Oresick

Faculty Advisors: Professor Meg Tyler and Professor Regina Hansen

Many many thanks to: Dean Wells, Professor Natalie McKnight and all associated with the CGS Student Film Festival (especially Pat Mullane), the professors in the Rhetoric and Humanities Divisions who encouraged their students to submit to the magazine.  Naomi Lomba-Gomes and Dean Robert Oresick for promoting the magazine.