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Registration Central for Fall 2013 – Rising Sophomores!

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WebReg Guidelines for Rising Sophomores

Sophomore Registration: Sunday, April 14th

Easy printing version at:  WebReg Guidelines for Fall 2013

(Click here for the Sophomore CGS Schedules)

The registration process is in three easy steps:

STEP #1:  ACADEMIC INFORMATION GATHERING—First, research the different academic areas, so you are able to choose an appropriate elective.

STEP #2:  MANDATORY MEETING with your CGS academic advisor

STEP #3: WEB REGISTRATION, Sunday, April 14th

At this point, you should be gathering information about the various academic programs and the elective you will take next semester.  Below are some resources for you in this process.

  • Schedule a mandatory registration meeting with your CGS advisor.
  • Read the Undergraduate Bulletin, which describes program and course offerings in all of the schools and colleges at BU.
  • CGS Fact Sheets (also available in room 211), which describe the academic requirements for different majors.
  • For more detailed information, meet with an academic representative from the other schools and departments.
  • Career Information, make an appointment at the Center for Career Development, 19 Deerfield St., 3rd floor, 353-3590.


  • Your CGS academic advisor
  • College of Arts and Sciences (725 Comm. Ave, rm. 105): Kerri Buglio, 353-2400,
  • College of Communication (640 Comm.Ave., rm. 123): Ryan Thurston, 353-3471
  • College of Engineering (44 Cummington St., rm. 107): Ruthie Jean, 353-6447,
  • School of Education (605 Comm. Ave., rm. 243): Jacqueline Boyle, 353-3177,
  • Metropolitan College (755 Comm. Ave, rm. 102): Open advising, 353-2980
  • PreLaw Program (725 Comm. Ave., rm. B-2): 353-4867
  • PreMed/Health Sciences (725 Comm. Ave., rm. B-2): 353-2435
  • Sargent College (635 Comm. Ave., rm. 204): Heather Nicholson, 353-2713
  • School of Hospitality Administration (808 Comm. Ave, rm. 233): Abby Raspallo,
  • School of Management (595 Comm. Ave.): Sally Ward, 353-2650,


You must make an appointment with your CGS academic advisor to discuss your courses for Fall 2013 and to get your academic advising code.  Appointments are made in CGS, room 211.

If you do not get the Academic Advising Code from your advisor, you will not be able to register on Sunday, April 14th

World Affairs Forum

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Interested in discussing to the problems of the world?

Want to talk to esteemed BU professors?



Where: CGS lobby





Salma Yehia

President of the World Affairs Forum

CGS Student Government – Sept 5

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Information Meeting


Thursday, Sept. 5

5:00 pm

CGS Lobby

At this meeting we will be introducing ourselves, and be explaining what we do as CGS Student Government.

It is a mix and mingle to get to know us, but also an opportunity for you to introduce yourselves. We are actively seeking more students to take initiative for CGS this year and the next.

This will be a very important meeting for those interested in applying for positions this year. The application:

CGSSGA Application 2012-13

The applications are due on Sept 10 at 12:00pm (Noon).

It is mandatory to attend this meeting, if you are interested in a position this year.



Felicity, Andrew, Brandon, Lucy, and

Felicity, Andrew, Brandon, Lucy, and Athony



Felicity Chen

Fall Semester

Andrew Hui

Spring Semester

Lucy Ye

Brandon Rudolf

Anthony Aguayzai

World Affairs Forum

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Boston Univesity World Affairs Forum

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world affairs forum

If you are interested in discussing current contemporary world issues with professors from all over the University and Boston, come check out the Boston University World Affairs Forum!

This Organization is a great place to have intense and varied discussion about world issues that affect all of us.

Possible topics we could discuss could be the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring, Israel and Palestine, and many others. We have a robust and diverse group, and are accepting of all views and walks of life.


Come check us out on Wednesdays at 6pm in the CGS Lobby. See you then!


Kevin Anderson

VP World Affairs Forum

Community Service Club

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What is the CGS Community Service Club?

The CGS Community Service Club is a student-run club which aims to encourage the CGS community to make a difference in the world through the act of volunteering. If you have any questions, about getting involved or would like to bring an outreach opportunity to our attention, please contact:

CGS Comm Service

Sabrina Salgia

Vice President



Staff Advisor
Heidi Chase


Join us on Facebook Facebook-icon

2011 Fall Semester Meeting Times:

The club will meet WEEKLY in the CGS Lobby


    October: Wednesdays 4-5pm

    November: Mondays 4-5pm

    December: Tuesdays 5-6pm


      PLEASE RSVP to


      For more information, visit the community service website at:\-life/cgs\-community\-service\-club\-2/



      Sabrina Salgia, new Club President for 2011-2012

      • We are happy to announce that last year’s Club Vice President, Sabrina Salgia will be this year’s Club President. Let’s all welcome her into the new role!


      Are you interested in a Club Leadership Position?

      • We are now accepting applications for Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
      • Submit your  APPLICATION to
      • Details will be discussed at our first meeting.

      ERC (Educational Resource Center)

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      Hello Friends of the ERC,

      We would like to tell you about some important changes at the Educational Resource Center.

      The ERC has re-designed its website to showcase each of its programs in detail. Our hope is that students and faculty refer to our website often to learn more about the resources we provide.

      Starting this semester, students will be able to schedule appointments for our programs online. We are hopeful that our new registration software will significantly streamline the appointment process, while also allowing more students to access our programs and services.

      • TutorTrac is our online scheduling system that allows students to schedule an appointment in our


      Writing Assistance

      Peer Tutoring


      • Our Fall 2011 Academic Skills and ESL workshops reflect an ongoing effort to connect students with campus-wide resources. Registration for all workshops is required and available online:


      Academic Skills Workshop Registration


      ESL Workshop Registration



      Language Link,

      our foreign language conversation group program, starts October 3. The registration period is September 12-30.


      We continue to collaborate with the Center for Career Development and we are happy to present their calendar of events and programs for the fall semester, which complement our offerings.


      Glenn Wrigley

      Director, Educational Resource Center

      ESL Workshops at the ERC

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      If English is your 2nd language,

      consider the following workshops offered by the ERC.


      Educational Resource Center

      ESL Workshops, Fall 2011

      Print your personal schedule by clicking here:  ESL Workshop Flyer Fall 2011

      Intro to Academic Writing in English

      Learn the basics of academic writing in English, including creating a strong thesis sentence, organizing your thoughts, finding sources, and citing those sources properly.

      Verb Tenses

      Why is it that when we write about the work of someone long gone, we use the present tense, but when we write about the person we use the past?  This workshop explores how to choose your tenses and to check that your use remains consistent throughout your work.


      Are you frustrated because your pronunciation gets in the way of clear communication?  Do you have trouble hearing the difference between similar English words like “royal” and “loyal”?  Learn techniques and practice drills to hear and form these tricky sounds.

      Sentence Structure

      When should a clause be made restrictive?  How do I make sure my modifier modifies what I want it to?  How can I write a complex sentence without creating a run-on?

      Vocabulary Extension in Writing and Speech

      The English language has more than 6,000 words in common usage.  When you are writing, you can look terms up in a thesaurus – but how do can you be sure the meaning is exactly right?  How can you expand your vocabulary in spoken English?  Learn how to use a greater variety of words with confidence in writing and speaking.

      Prepositions and Articles

      Why do we get in a car, but on a bus?  Why do we talk about the beauty of nature, but the softness of the bed? Prepositions and articles rarely (if ever) translate exactly from one language to another, yet can dramatically change the meaning of a phrase.

      Commas and Advanced Punctuation

      Whether to set off an appositive, to indicate members in a list, or to add clarity to a compound sentence, the comma is everywhere in English writing but remains one of the most exasperating pieces of punctuation.  This workshop set also deals with how to use elements such as the dash, ellipsis, colon, and single and double quotation marks.

      Sources from the Library and On-line

      The professor assigned a paper, but I don’t know what sources to use.  I’m intimidated by the library, and I’ve never used the library’s on-line databases.  Where do I start?  Come to this workshop for the answers to your questions.

      Formal and Informal Patterns of Speech

      Do you feel perfectly comfortable speaking English with your friends and classmates, but freeze up when you try to address your professor or your boss?  Are you aware that inappropriately informal phrases sneak into your speech when you are giving a presentation or interviewing for a job?  Do you, like, say “like” in almost every sentence?  This workshop could be for you!

      Avoiding Plagiarism and Citing Correctly

      For many, university courses are the first time that students encounter citations.  How do we cite correctly?  When do we cite?  How do we know which style is the best for our subject matter?  How can we best avoid plagiarism?  Based on the Boston University’s policies on plagiarism, this workshop will answer these questions – and more – that you may have about proper citations and plagiarism.








      ESL Workshop Flyer dec



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      Check your Compliance Status under the Personal tab in your Studentlink to be sure you are in compliance with Boston University! You must check this information each semester or you will not be allowed to register for classes when the time comes.

      Lost and Found

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      If you lose something in CGS, please come by the Student Services office in room 211 to see if it has turned up.

      We keep all lost items for the semester, then donate them to Goodwill, so be sure to check in!