Seven Years of Impact: A Q&A with Megan Sullivan

On July 1, Megan Sullivan will step down from her role as Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development and Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning after seven years. In her time as Director and Associate Dean, Sullivan led CITL through a period of growth and development during which undergraduate research grants […]

Tips for Succeeding in Remote Classes

As students at Boston University and around the country adjust to learning remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic, your CGS faculty members weighed in with their top pieces of advice for succeeding in remote classes.

BU Votes lecture highlights importance of every voter

A full house came together in the College of General Studies on Feb. 3 to hear about the impact young voters can have on the upcoming 2020 election from College of General Studies faculty members Shawn Lynch and Daniela Melo. The lecture was sponsored by BU Votes, a university-wide initiative with roots in CGS that encourages students across the university to vote.

Brady vs. Manning: CGS professors crown a winner

Two College of General Studies professors addressed the question of whether Tom Brady or Peyton Manning is the better quarterback during a BU Friends and Family Weekend Event on Oct. 19. In “The National Football League Rivalry that Captivated America: Brady v. Manning,” Associate Professor Thomas Whalen and Senior Lecturer Andy Andres discussed NFL culture, the history of sports rivalries, and whether the distinction of who is the dominant quarterback should be dependent on statistics or wins. 

Fighting Climate Change by Strengthening Global Democracy

In Climate Change and the Future of Democracy, Boston University College of General Studies Senior Lecturer R.S. Deese addresses the relationship between democracy and global climate change. Drawing insights from history and the present day, Deese argues that this global problem requires a democratic, global response.

Palimpsest Recognizes Outstanding Undergraduate Writing

Palimpsest— an online publication that highlights outstanding College of General Studies undergraduate writing– has submissions from across the disciplines, covering everything from family history to philosophical dialogues to film history and the history of nationalism.

Seeing Possibility and Hope in America’s Past

How do postmodern authors like Thomas Pynchon engage with the American past in literature? It’s a question that Christopher K. Coffman contends with in a new book of literary criticism, Rewriting Early America: The Prenational Past in Postmodern Literature.

From Cinderella to Kafka: The Scholarly Musings of Sidney Fein

The character of Sidney Fein came to Professor of Humanities Robert Wexelblatt after he read a book of French critical theory that left him with “an impression of parasitism and arrogance” on the part of the scholars. He processed his reaction in the form of a satirical essay evaluating the career of a fictional thinker, writer, and teacher: Sidney Fein.

CGS Professor Edits New Book on Motherhood

Associate Professor of Rhetoric Lynn O’Brien Hallstein has edited a new book, Mothering Rhetorics. It’s a collection of essays that examines the concept of motherhood through the rhetorics of reproduction, and reproducing rhetorics.