Collegian Winter 2016

Winter 2016

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CGS News Briefs Class Notes
CGS Electives Have Something for EveryoneThe College has launched interdisciplinary electives taught by a team of faculty throughout BU Class NotesCoaching swimming, making movies, raising awareness for social causes, reporting breaking news, studying Urdu, traveling the world….See what’s happening in the lives of CGS alums.
See the First Printed BookA page from the Gutenberg Bible is among the rare manuscripts on display at Mugar this winter
Support the New CGS Science CenterThe new center will transform the quality of the CGS educational experience
From Our Community
Samuel HammerTwo Professors Win Fulbright Awardsfrom BU Today
Samuel Hammer will go to Sri Lanka; Meg Tyler to Belfast

Lynn O’Brien HallsteinThe Tyranny of Bikini-Ready Moms from BU Today
Prof looks at how media treat celebrities’ postpartum bodies

KeychainsStudent’s Design is One of Oprah’s “Favorite Things” from Bostonia
Handmade faux-fur key chains are selling out

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