CGS Alumni Honored at Redstone Film Festival

Dimitri Kouri (CGS’09, COM’11) and Zack McGeehan (CGS’09, COM’11) won the top prize at BU’s 2011 Redstone Film Festival, held at the Tsai Performance Center on February 9, for their short film Salty Dogs. The eight-minute film captures life aboard a Winthrop, Massachusetts-based fishing boat and was the only documentary screened at the festival.

Kouri describes the project as a narrative documentary. “It’s when you film a documentary without talking-head interviews, and the characters themselves are the protagonists of the story,” he told BU Today. “It’s a real person in a real crisis. I guess that’s what we were trying to do with Salty Dogs, but there wasn’t really much of a conflict. It ended up being a poetic story about a day in the life of these fishermen.”

McGeehan and Kouri also contributed to Redstone official selection ¿Qué?, a campy action flick directed by Stephen Ohl (CGS’09, COM’11).

View the filmmakers’ work online: