Social Sciences Division

The objectives of the two-year social science program are to provide students with a basis for understanding human social behavior and acquaint them with humankind’s endeavor to produce a body of reliable knowledge about the human condition. In pursuing these objectives, the courses draw from the various disciplines of the social sciences—anthropology, sociology, history, social psychology, political science, and economics—and combines fundamental, conceptual, and factual materials from these disciplines into an integrated four-semester sequence.

The first semester of the freshman year is devoted primarily to the behavioral sciences and serves as the analytical background for the next three semesters, which treat historical society, emerging society, and contemporary society. The approaches during this sequence necessarily vary from conceptual and historical to analytical and cross-cultural; at times they may be combined. The program is introductory, stressing basic concepts, methods, and attitudes rather than surveying the broad range of the social sciences.

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