Humanities Division

The study of the humanities has traditionally been the core of a liberal arts or general education. Literature, art, philosophy, and film constitute the subjects of humanistic study at the College. The critical disciplines needed for study of the humanities include clear writing, critical reading, and visual and aural attentiveness, as well as the capacities to analyze arguments, think logically, form generalizations, and interpret symbols. In addition to these practical skills, the study of the humanities fosters familiarity with one’s cultural heritage, cultivation of taste, expanded sympathies and interests, more profound self-knowledge, and a deepened appreciation of both artistic achievements and philosophical methods. The development of insight and perception, as well as the ability to express oneself intelligibly in both conversation and writing, are objectives of the humanities courses.

When such ideal aims are realized, the student will have a clear vision of the imaginative and ethical possibilities of life, as well as rich intellectual, emotional, and artistic resources for personal growth and social usefulness.

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