The College of General Studies (CGS) was founded around two ideas: to give students the best possible undergraduate educational experience in an intellectually and socially cohesive team structure; and to emphasize the importance of the general education, liberal arts component of every college degree program. The team system, pioneered by CGS, enables faculty to make interdisciplinary connections between their courses and the other courses students on their team are taking. These courses form the liberal arts core curriculum, a comprehensive, coherent program of study organized around four divisions (Humanities, Natural Sciences, Rhetoric, and Social Sciences) and taught over two years. The CGS experience is enhanced by a choice of undergraduate research opportunities; interdisciplinary, real-world projects and study abroad programs tailored to the curriculum.

Every student enrolled in the College of General Studies is a fully matriculated Boston University degree candidate who—upon completion of the two-year program—will have earned 48-semester credit hours of general education and 16 elective credit hours in the other undergraduate programs of the University, for a total of 64 credit hours. Completion of these credit hours places a student halfway through the 128-credit-hour requirement for nearly all of the University’s baccalaureate degree programs, having satisfied most or all of the general education requirements for BU’s other schools and colleges. CGS students do not “graduate” from CGS, nor do they earn an associate’s degree, nor do they have to apply for intra-university transfer. They simply continue on to their choice of any of the liberal arts and professional degree programs in Boston University’s eight other undergraduate schools and colleges, from which they will earn their bachelor’s degree.