My CGS: A Q&A with Faith Rynda

Faith Rynda (CGS ’20, CAS ’22) is a sophomore who is passionate about politics, travel, and being an active member of the CGS community. We spoke with her about her her internship in Gov. Charlie Baker’s office and her advice for getting the most out of CGS.

Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Faith, I’m from the Bay Area, and I’m a sophomore in the CGS Boston-London Program. I have done research with CGS professors, I’m a Dean’s host, and I’m planning to major in political science on the accelerated four-year BA/MA track. 

I hear you have an interesting internship — can you tell us a little about that? 

I am currently interning in the Office of Access Opportunities, though I began in the personnel office back in September. I get to work with the Deputy Chief of Staff in supporting the Black Advisory Council and the Latino Advisory Council promote and develop their initiatives; as well as, assist them with their work with the Governor and Massachusetts constituents. It’s been an amazing opportunity to see how the state government works from the inside. The program also offers a speaker series of people in the State House so you get to learn from individuals working in the executive office and meet other interns.

Why did you choose an internship in the government?

I’ve always had an interest in political science and plan to go into government or law. I wanted an internship that showed me how the government works behind the scenes, as well as one that provided me with the unique opportunity of getting to know the communities and people of Boston, while completing meaningful work. 

Faith Rynda with Gov. Charlie Baker, whose office she interns in.

Was Boston a big draw for you when choosing to attend CGS?

I liked that CGS and Boston both offered me the opportunity to explore many different subjects and fields thoroughly. But with being in the city especially, I knew that whatever subject I chose, there would be plenty of opportunities to pursue it passionately.

What has been your most interesting experience at your internship? 

I met Governor Charlie Baker—and I got to take a photo with him, which was awesome. He did a speaker series Q&A for the interns. He was incredibly thoughtful and had a genuine interest in getting to know all of us. He also answered all of our questions, and we had a ton.

What did you do during your gap semester?

I was a co-campaign manager for a local school board campaign and I worked full time at an insurance brokerage as an office manager. I also went to Europe for three weeks, where I traveled solo for the first half and met up with a friend later.

Faith used her gap semester, as well as the summer before her sophomore year, to travel.

What did you enjoy most about your gap semester?

I liked having the opportunity to explore my home state and spend time with my mom. I also got the opportunity to get involved in my community. This time prepared me for BU and my time after college, as it allowed me time to grow and mature. I got to learn more about myself and what I want for my future. I also got the chance to travel and spend valuable time with my friends. My time home offered me the time to focus on myself, mature on my own, and get to know myself better.

What did you do for the local school board campaign?

It was a very grassroots campaign. I ran social media, wrote campaign speeches, went door knocking, planned fundraisers, produced campaign videos, and designed the campaign platform. I enjoyed getting out into the community and completing rewarding work on behalf of my candidate. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but it was still a great opportunity to get involved in a campaign at the grassroots level. 

What else are you involved in on campus?

I am an ambassador for the Howard Thurman Center where I lead Tea Time every Monday. I’m also a Dean’s Host for CGS. It’s a good opportunity to get to know other students, as well as the administration. I also get to meet new and prospective students and share all that CGS has done for me!

What have been your favorite parts about your CGS experience?

My favorite part about CGS has been the relationships I have been able to build. Because CGS is small, it offers a unique opportunity to get to know your professors, faculty, and classmates well. Therefore, when you continue into the school of your choice, you have a strong network of people who are willing to help you and support you. My professors, deans, and friends have always been the advice-givers and support system I’ve needed when college gets difficult and I have to make important decisions. CGS can easily be your family away from home if you want it to be.

Faith (right) with a classmate during CGS’s summer semester in London.

If you could give one piece of advice to the new first-year CGS class, what would it be?  

My biggest advice for first-year students is to inquire about everything. Read the emails BU sends you, visit the offices you’ve never been to, and introduce yourself to staff you don’t recognize. There are so many opportunities and resources on campus waiting to be taken advantage of, but you have to look for them. Your time at BU is about exploring your education, but it also about building relationships that will support you throughout the experience. College is 100% what you make it and you don’t want to miss out on the perfect opportunity because you didn’t look for it.

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