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January 28th, 2013

The College of General Studies CAPSTONE AWARDS were held on October 19, 2012, at the Katzenberg Center.  Each team had an award-winning topic.


team s

TEAM S – NAAE 2012 Report on Improving Funding within the Boston Public School System


team t

TEAM T – Keystone XL Pipeline


team u
Team U
– Reestablishing the Balance of National Security and Civil Liberties:

A Proposal to Reform the USA Patriot Act


team v

TEAM V – Basayev v. United States:  The Balance between Liberty and Security


team w

TEAM W – How Much Does Your Boss Really Know:  Computer Monitoring in the Workplace


team x

TEAM X: Recommendations for Improving the Ethical Standing of the Medical Sphere


team y

Team Y: The Requirement of Humane Treatment of Animals:  Why Can’t We Meat in the Middle?


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