The Terrier Games

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October 19th, 2012

Freshmen  Sophomores

Will you be the one to survive?

The Terrier Games

Our goal with this event is to create CGS spirit and a unified student body. This lets us learn more about our peers, and bond with them over this activity.

The objective of The Terrier Games is to find and tag your assigned target with a spoon. The overall goal is to terminate all your competitors.

All the participants will be from CGS, and the only information you receive about your target is their name. Your target’s location and schedule are up for you to figure out. Every registered player is the target of another player, which means someone is searching for you too. So be careful!

If another player eliminates you, you are removed from the game and you will pass on your target to the person that tagged you. This game will continue until there is one winner.

Sign up starts the week of Oct. 8,  2012! Look for a student government representative in the CGS lobby to sign up!

The rules are posted at:

If you have any question send us an e-mail at Or you can tweet us at @CGSSGA


And look forward to the faculty/student wiffle ball game on Wiffle Ball: October 24, 2012 @ 6-8.

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