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October 12th, 2012


Gather information about the various academic programs/majors and the elective you will take next semester. Below are valuable resources for you to explore!


  • Information Sessions (Listed above.)
  • CGS Fact Sheets: (Available in CGS Student Services, Room 211 & Describe the academic requirements for different majors.
  • Schedule a mandatory registration meeting with your advisor: Make an appointment in CGS Student Services, Room 211.
  • Undergraduate Bulletin: ( Describes program and course offerings in all schools and colleges at BU.
  • School/College Websites:,, etc.
  • Career/Internship Information: ( Make an appointment at the Center for Career Development, 100 Bay State Rd, 6th Floor, 617-353-3590.
  • School/College Representative: (Listed below.) AFTER meeting with your CGS advisor, make an appointment with an academic representative from the other schools and colleges.




  • College of Arts and Sciences (100 Bay State Rd, Room 401):
    Kerry Buglio, 617-353-2400,
  • College of Communication (640 Comm Ave, Room 123):
    Ryan Thurston, 617-353-3471,
  • College of Engineering (44 Cummington St, Room 107):
    Ruthie Jean, 617-353-4681,
  • Metropolitan College (755 Comm Ave, Room 102):
    Open advising, 617-353-2980

  • PreLaw Program (725 Comm Ave, Room B-2):
    Rita Callahan, 617-353-4867,

  • PreMedical/Health Sciences (725 Comm Ave, Room B-2):
    Open advising, 353-2435

  • Sargent College (635 Comm Ave, Room 204):
    Heather Nicholson, 617-353-7475,
  • School of Education (2 Silber Way, Room 243):
    Jacqueline Boyle, 617-353-3177,

  • School of Hospitality Administration (928 Comm Ave, Room 307):
    Abby Raspallo, 617-353-0930,
  • School of Management (595 Comm Ave Room 102):
    Sally Ward, 617-353-2650,

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