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October 7th, 2012


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~ a novella from Robert Wexelblatt

How valid are the claims of a father against those of a mother?  When they clash, what becomes of their child? A single father who is a new IRS agent, his cherished and imaginative little girl, a divorced woman having second thoughts about motherhood, a couple who think two ways about becoming parents,‹ these are the people from whose relationships, enterprises, gains, and losses this story is woven.

Robert Wexelblatt

Robert Wexelblatt

Robert Wexelblatt is Professor of Humanities at Boston University’s College of General Studies. An accomplished fiction writer, his essays, stories, and poems have appeared in a wide variety of journals. He has also published two story collections, Life in the Temperate Zone and The Decline of Our Neighborhood, and a book of essays, Professors at Play. His most recent book, the novel Zublinka Among Women, was awarded First Grand Prize for Fiction and First Prize for General Fiction/Novel by the Indie New Generation Book Awards.


The New York Times Book Review describes Wexelblatt¹s stories as loaded with wit, bristling irony, draped in erudition and studded with

Fred Marchant, writing in the Harvard Book Review, hails Life in the Temperate Zone and Other Stories as “[A book] laden with wit, wry observation, gentle sarcasm and wicked ironies.”

Publishers Weekly says of The Decline of Our Neighborhood, “Wexelblatt constructs rich stories that make heavy subjects dance weightlessly before the reader’s eyes.”

Jay L. Halio from Studies in Short Fiction notes that Wexelblatt has a “gift for irony in all its arresting forms.”

Professor Wexelblatt, holds a doctorate from Brandeis University, and is the recipient of numerous academic and literary awards including the Metcalf Cup and Prize for Excellence in Teaching, the Charles Angoff Award for Fiction from The Literary Review, the Kansas Quarterly /Kansas Art Commission First Prize Award for Fiction, and both the San Jose Studies and The Theodore Christian Hoepfner prizes for Best Story and Best Essay.


The editor of The Montréal Review has graciously posted an excerpt of one chapter;  Here’s the link to that:


LOSSES is available in both digital and print and will be available at all
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