World Affairs Forum – Discussion of the Chaos in the Middle East- Oct 11

in News and Events
October 6th, 2012

Thursday  October 11th

from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm

at the

GSU 322.


This is a brief discussion that will prepare us for the bigger discussion with Professor Stephen Kinzer on Oct. 24. We will mention some current articles and give an overview about the current events in the Middle East. We will be discussing the man who re-dubbed an amateur movie to turn it into an anti-Islam film. The results of that movie trailer were uprisings in the Middle East. The US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was killed due to smoke inhalation after a protester fired a RPG at the embassy. Many other US embassies in other middle eastern countries were attacked, and protests even occurred outside the US embassy in countries like the UK. President Obama has stated that the attack on the embassy in Libya was planned and executed by Al-Queda. We will be discussing the international implications of such an attack. This event is open for anyone who wants to make sure they know what’s going on when the guest speaker is here.

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