CGS Student Government – Sept 19

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September 15th, 2012

Congratulations, new CGS Student Government Association e-board and cabinet!

You each have been selected for a leadership position because of your commendable skills, dedication, and enthusiasm to be a part of CGSSGA. We think that this group is excellent and that we can all work well together and have fun!

Senator – Taylor Barrow and Michael Montesi

VP of Student Affairs – Teah Welsch-Rainek

VP of Advertising – William Roeder and Kate Schade

VP of Marketing- Rebecca Tan

VP of Public Relations- Austin Kruger

As some of you may know, there were many qualified and promising candidates who applied to each of your positions. Between reading applications and meeting the applicants, we learned that there were so many skills in every person who applied. We have placed students into each committee, and we will talk more about it when we meet.

Our next cabinet meeting is on Wednesday at 4pm! After that we will be having our general meeting at 5pm. So with that said, enjoy your week and we look forward to meeting together as a cabinet!

Again, congratulations!


Felicity Chen – President 

Andrew Hui – Vice President 

Lucy Ye – Vice President 

Brandon Rudolf – Treasurer 

Anthony Aguayza – Secretary 

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