The Chimaerid, 2011

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June 6th, 2011

Chimaerid (K-EYE-MI-RID) – The chimaerids are a group of fish, named after Greek mythological beast the chimaera, a monster put together from the parts of many animals. Our magazine also is put together from many parts and includes the talents of many types of artists – poets, photographers, filmmakers, painters, prose artists, etc.  We’re that kind of fish.

Chimaerid 2011


The Literary Magazine of the College of General Studies



5          Roman Ilnicki           “I hear BU Singing”
6          Rachel Hopkins        “Boston” (An Imitation of Blake’s “London”)
7          Rachel Hopkins        “Passion” (An Imitation of Bronte)
9          Casey Nulph             untitled image
10        Marc Orlandella        “I hear BU Singing”
11        Liz Dimant                untitled image
12        Jeremey Lowe           “Boston”
13        Tony Pham                untitled image
14        Brittany Szabo           “Whenever you”
15        Brittany Szabo           “Closest Thing”
16        Brittany Szabo           “Rainy Day”
17        Savanah Walsh          untitled image
18        Shershah Atif:            “Complications of the Heart”
19        Colin O’Neill             untitled image
20        Sara Shilling              “Window Box”
23        Isabella Spence         untitled image
24        Isabella Spence         “To Loss”
25        Isabella Spence         “Winter is Love to Me”
26        Isabella Spence         “Summer is Overrated”
28        Melissa Papalcure:    “All Mine”
29        Ben Goodman           “Chair”
30        Brandon Wood          “Nightmare of the Conscious”
32        Sean Maria Nelson   “Sleepless Thought”
37        Shershah Atif             untitled image
38        Jonathan Heilman    “One Day”
39        Mathis Baucher         untitled image
40        Roman Ilnicki           “Great Expectations”



The Chimaerid is dedicated to the memory of our long time supporter and adviser, Dean Bob Emery, “… a true friend and a good writer.”

chimaaerid 2011_page3_image1

Photo:  Naomi Lomba-Gomes

Magazine Credits:

Student Editors: Simon Mendes, Casey Nulph, Colin O’Neill
Cover Image: Tom Kokoska
Contributors: Sher Shah Atif, Mathis Bauchner, Liz Dimant, Ben Goodman,  Jonathan Heilman,  Rachel Hopkins, Roman Ilnicki, Jeremy Lowe, Sean Marria-Nelson, Casey Nulph, Marc Orlandella, Melissa Papalcure, Tony Pham, Sara Shilling,  Isabel Spence, Brittany Szabo, Savanna Walsh, Brandon Wood

Technical advisors and gods: Matt Dursin, Matt Hallgren, Dean Robert Oresick

Faculty Advisors: Professor Meg Tyler and Professor Regina Hansen

Many many thanks to: Dean Wells, Professor Natalie McKnight and all associated with the CGS Student Film Festival (especially Pat Mullane), the professors in the Rhetoric and Humanities Divisions who encouraged their students to submit to the magazine.  Naomi Lomba-Gomes and Dean Robert Oresick for promoting the magazine.

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