The Chimaerid, 2011

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June 6th, 2011

Chimaerid, Spring 2011

Chimaerid, Spring 2011

The Chimaerid (the CGS literary and arts magazine) has published its 2011 edition with art, poetry, and prose by College of General Studies students.

The Chimaerid (K-EYE-MI-RID) showcases the many artistic talents of CGS students, including poetry, photography, artwork, and more. Published each spring, the magazine is titled after a group of fish known as the chimaeridae, which are named after a Greek mythological beast composed of parts from many animals. Given the variety of artistic talents of CGS students, the magazine emanates a similar essence.

The Chimaerid dedicates its 2011 issue to the memory of long time supporter and adviser, Dean Bob Emery,  “a true friend and a good writer.”

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