The Chimaerid, the CGS Literary Magazine Published for Spring 2010

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May 5th, 2010

Jackie Birnbaum

Cover image by Jackie Birnbaum

The Chimaerid (the CGS literary and arts magazine) has published its 2010 edition with art, poetry, and prose by College of General Studies students.

The Chimaerid (K-EYE-MI-RID) showcases the many artistic talents of CGS students, including poetry, photography, artwork, and more. Published each spring, the magazine is titled after a group of fish known as the chimaeridae, which are named after a Greek mythological beast composed of parts from many animals. Given the variety of artistic talents of CGS students, the magazine emanates a similar essence.

Ann Power acted as student editor for the 2010 Chimaerid issue. Contributors include: Andrew Bank, Jackie Burnbaum, Brittney Cooney, Sean Croegaert-Key, Courtney Crook, Rachel Derman, Eli Eisen, Yuki Fujita, Julia Garofalo, Alexa Giovanelli, Jonathan Heilma, Gabriela Hernandez, Alexis Jackso, Stephen Jones, Jennifer Ki, Andrea Lien, Pat Malave, Ann Powers, Mia Probinsky, Sara Shilling, and Michele Tugentman.


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