The Chimaerid, the CGS Literary Magazine Published for Spring 2010

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May 5th, 2010


Jackie Birnbaum

Chimaerid (K-EYE-MI-RID) – The chimaerids are a group of fish, named after Greek mythological beast the chimaera, a monster put together from the parts of many animals.

Our magazine also is put together from many parts and includes the talents of many types of artists – poets, photographers, filmmakers, painters, prose artists, etc.  We’re that kind of fish.

The Chimaerid, 2010

Advisor’s Note: This year’s edition of the The Chimaerid, while not arranged completely thematically, does incorporate themes of interest to students this year.  You will find a number of pieces on the theme of “place,” Boston in particular, as well as places beloved by travelers.   Encouraged by Professor Tyler, many students submitted imitations of classic works of literature and art, while others created work that comments on a particular art form or artistic movement, such as hip hop. The edition is rounded out by some lovely work of personal reflection in the form of essays, photographs and poetry.

Magazine Credits:

Student Editor:

  • Ann Powers


  • Andrew Bank
  • Jackie Burnbaum
  • Brittney Cooney
  • Sean Croegaert-Key
  • Courtney Crook
  • Rachel Derman
  • Eli Eisen
  • Yuki Fujita
  • Julia Garofalo
  • Alexa Giovanelli
  • Jonathan Heilma
  • Gabriela Hernandez
  • Alexis Jackso
  • Stephen Jones
  • Jennifer Ki
  • Andrea Lien
  • Pat Malave
  • Ann Powers
  • Mia Probinsky
  • Sara Shilling
  • Michele Tugentman

Technical advisors:

  • Matt Dursin
  • Matt Hallgren
  • Dean Robert Oresick


  • Dean Robert Oresick

Faculty Advisors:

  • Professor Regina Hansen
  • Professor Meg Tyler

Many many thanks to: Dean Wells, Professor Natalie McKnight and all associated with the CGS Art Show/Coffee House (especially Pat Mullane), the professors in the Rhetoric and Humanities Divisions who encouraged their students to submit to the magazine, as well as  Naomi Lomba-Gomes and Dean Robert Oresick for promoting the magazine.

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