MTV’s Shuga: An HIV/AIDS Soap Opera in Kenya

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April 21, 2011
5–7 pm
670 Albany Street, Auditorium
Free and open to all.

Description of Event

On April 21, from 5–7 pm, the BU Medical Campus will host a one-episode screening of Shuga, part of a new campaign from MTV that addresses HIV/AIDS in the lives of young people in Kenya.

Doors will open at 5:00 with an introduction by Georgia Arnold, Director of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation.  The evening will focus on the Shuga campaign, one component of the larger MTV initiative on HIV/AIDS.  A 22-minute screening of Shuga will be followed by a discussion generated by audience members and supplemented by a panel consisting of  a social communications experts, clinical advocates, and MTV’s Georgia Arnold. As a unifying theme, we will also consider the challenges in coordinating outreach like Shuga with the availability of clinical care, pharmaceuticals, and other services. Read about the other events.

“We strongly believe that young people can change the course of the epidemic and are the next leaders in the global response,” Arnold said. “I’m really looking forward to speaking more about all of the great work that we do, and opening the floor to the BU community to share ideas on how we can continue to help turn the tide against the spread of HIV and AIDS.”

Panel Members

Georgia Arnold

Senior Vice President MTV Social Responsibility
Founder, MTV Staying Alive Foundation

Sophie Godley

Instructor, Department of Community Health Sciences, BUSPH

Don Thea

Professor, Department of International Health, BUSPH
Physician, Boston Medical Center

Lupita Nyong’o

Kenyan Actress from Shuga, MTV

The Campaign: Shuga

Shuga_Title-Plain_F_00189-formatted-copyMTV Staying Alive Ignite is an initiative that aims to prevent the spread of HIV by attempting to change the attitude and behaviour of the young people around issues that can often either increase the risk of infection or drive the virus underground where it cannot be treated.

Brand new from MTV Staying Alive is a new campaign that challenges young people to ignite a movement to change their sexual behaviour, and turn previously held norms on their heads to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS specifically in Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, and Ukraine. This campaign, under MTV’s award winning global HIV/AIDS campaign, “Staying Alive”, addresses sexual networks, multiple partners, drug use and living with HIV, all in the context of national cultures and norms.

Kicking off all campaigns are explosive dramas in the three countries, all locally shot and produced, that will take a microscopic lens into the lives of young people. Shuga is one of these dramas to take place in Kenya.

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