Understanding Bacterial Isolates in Blood Culture and Approaches Used to Define Bacteria as Contaminants – A Literature Review

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Classification of Blood Culture Isolates Into Contaminants and Pathogens on the Basis of Clinical and Laboratory Data

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Reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health: key messages from Disease Control Priorities 3rd Edition

Robert E Black, Carol Levin, Neff Walker, Doris Chou, Li Liu, Marleen Temmerman, for the DCP3 RMNCH Authors Group* (David Hamer and Julie Herlihy are part of the DCP3 RMNCH Authors Group)

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Zika Virus: Rapid Spread in the Western Hemisphere

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Measles in the 21st Century, a Continuing Preventable Risk to Travelers: Data from the GeoSentinel Global Network

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Iron Supplementation in Iron-Replete and Nonanemic Pregnant Women in Tanzania A Randomized Clinical Trial

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Improving access to skilled facility-based delivery services: Women’s beliefs on facilitators and barriers to the utilisation of maternity waiting homes in rural Zambia

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What is the burden of submicroscopic malaria in pregnancy in central India?

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Engagement of the Community, Traditional Leaders, and Public Health System in the Design and Implementation of a Large Community-Based, Cluster-Randomized Trial of Umbilical Cord Care in Zambia

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