TitleWhy do firms take action on HIV/AIDS? Evidence from Nigeria
AuthorsRosen S., Vincent J. R., MacLeod W., Thea D. M., Simon J.
PublicationJournal of Business in Developing Countries. 2004 Jan; 8(1):1-38.
AbstractGovernments and international organizations are looking to the private sector to join them in partnership to fight HIV/AIDS in the developing world. A survey of manufacturing firms in Nigeria reveals that fewer than one-third of companies are taking any action to prevent HIV/AIDS among employees. Managers’ knowledge of the epidemic has a greater impact on companies’ actions than do general firm characteristics such as ownership, profitability, or size. This finding points toward relatively inexpensive ways of prompting businesses to take action, including voluntary, anonymous surveys of infection rates within firms’ workforces and voluntary counseling and testing programs for employees.
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