TitleWhat’s So Special About Maternal Mortality?
AuthorsMaine D.
Book TitleSafe motherhood initiatives : critical issues
EditorsBarzelatto J., Berer Marge, Sundari Ravindran T. K., Reproductive Health Matters (Project)
PublisherBlackwell Science for Reproductive Health Matters
LocationOxford, UK
AbstractThe International Conference on Population and Development in 1999 reaffirmed their international commitment to Safe Motherhood by setting out essential strategic actions. This book provides an overview of the problems and challenges raised by this work (Safe Motherhood) and examples of efforts toward the achievement of Safe Motherhood goals in developing countries. The first section presents an outline on the evidence, leadership, resources, and action for the prevention of maternal mortality. Second section presents the measurement, indicators, uses, and limitations of health outcome indicators for maternal mortality and measurements for maternal morbidity. Third section presents the Safe Motherhood programs in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Bolivia, South Africa, and Kenya. The fourth section discusses several case studies on causes of maternal deaths and morbidity in India, Mexico, Vietnam, Ghana, and Tanzania, with emphasis on common pregnancy and childbirth-related complications. The fifth and last section stresses the significance of effective policies and programs in preventing maternal mortality, while emphasizing the need to address HIV/AIDS, pregnancy and maternal mortality and morbidity concerns in South Africa and Nigeria.