TitleTravel to Brazil: Analysis of Data From the Boston Area Travel Medicine Network (BATMN) and Relevance to Travelers Attending World Cup and Olympics
AuthorsEirini Iliaki, MD, MPH, Lin H. Chen, MD, Davidson H. Hamer, MD, William B. Macleod, ScD, Emily S. Jentes, MPH, PhD, Elizabeth D. Barnett, MD, Mary E. Wilson, MD, and Boston Area Travel Medicine Network
PublicationJournal of Travel Medicine. 2014 Mar; 4.
AbstractWe describe travelers who were evaluated pre-travel to Brazil from March 2008 through July 2010 in the Boston area. Of 599 Brazil travelers, 71%, 58%, and 50% received vaccines for yellow fever (YF), typhoid, and hepatitis A, respectively. Fewer received influenza and hepatitis B vaccines (14%, 11%). A total of 60% traveled during Brazil’s peak influenza season, and one fourth visited during peak dengue transmission. The 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics include events throughout Brazil. Travelers should seek pre-travel assessment including YF and malaria risk; travelers should be vaccinated against influenza, be up to date on other routine vaccines, and be prepared to protect themselves against mosquitoes.