TitleThe New Cell Culture Smallpox Vaccine Should Be Offered to the General Population
AuthorsBicknell W., James K.
PublicationRev Med Virol. 2003 Jan; 13(1):5-15.
AbstractA series of major factors must be weighed in deciding whether or not, and to what extent, a particular country should consider pre-exposure vaccination for smallpox. These include the risk of a bioterrorist attack using smallpox, the risk of secondary spread from another country, the risks and benefits of vaccination, the effectivenes s of vaccination pre- and post-exposure, the prevalence of immunocompromised persons, the capacity of the medical care delivery system and the wealth of a nation. We review here the issues and variables relevant for policy making, propose a framework for country-specific decision making and suggest the World Health Organization has a key role to play, particularly with regard to lower-income countries. In doing so, we support the proposition.