TitleTechnical Assistance in Developing Private Sector Resources for the Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Namibia
AuthorsFeeley F.
Book TitleCommercial Market Strategies in conjunction with Pharmaccess International (USAID Funded)
PublisherCommercial Market Strategies
LocationWashington D. C.
AbstractIn this report we briefly present the history of technical assistance provided by the Commercial Market Strategies (CMS) Project to support the expansion of private sector treatment of HIV/AIDS in Namibia. The work was supported by USAID, undertaken between March and September 2004, and was performed in conjunction with PharmAccess International (“PAI”).1 Appended to this brief report are a series of documents which represent the true output of our work, a series of concrete products (draft contracts, actuarial study, a request for tax opinion) designed to move forward funding of HIV care and highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) by private employers, while expanding the purchase of such care from private providers. In Namibia, the Government (with the collaboration of many donors) is working to roll out public sector HAART treatment programs. However, in the foreseeable future, personnel constraints will restrict the ability of the Government program to fully meet national need. There is a strong private medical sector in Namibia, and substantial medical scheme coverage among higher wage employees. Our efforts were designed to expand the number of Namibians receiving employer supported HIV treatment, and to tap into the private sector to absorb some of the demand for HAART care which would otherwise lengthen the queues for treatment in the public sector.
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